September 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes: September 20, 2108; 7:00pm County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to all *Hope everyone faired well during the hurricane. *YES we will be having 2019 Bee School, Todd Walker will help again. Suggestion: People can buy gift certificates for Bee School, advertise on FB, Roxboro paper, webpage *Person High Music Program is having a Fall Festival, Bob Brauer will be there. He plans to donate money to the program from his sells. October 9, 2108 *Person County Museum of History is asking for wax donations to make candles to sale in their gift shop. Contact Bob Brauer if you would like to donate any wax.

VP REPORT James Latimer *If you have a topic you would like to know more about please speak to Jamie – December will be the club pot luck.

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted September 20, 2018 Beginning balance: $7,273.01 Income Total: $335.00 Expenses: $248.62 Bank Balance: $7,559.39 * We will begin collecting 2019 dues in October for State and county. * We will be electing new officers in November.,

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich * June, July, and August minutes were up for approval. Amanda Blanks 1st, Whitney Barnes 2nd, Minutes approved by the members.

FUNDRAISING Mac Blanks *$15 for shirts, $12 for hats; fully stocked *Calvin Boyd donated 2 quarts of honey for the raffle. * PLEASE TURN IN YOUR TICKET MONEY AND STUBS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE NOVEMBER MEETING. COMMUNITY SERVICES Whitney Barnes *Put out word that we will be having Bee School again starting in January – Personaliy was great. We sold 100 raffle tickets. Thank you to the volunteers – Honey Bee day at farmers market was great too. – Bahama Day September 22, 2108. Come out and sell your honey., we will be selling raffle tickets also.- November 2, 2018 is Person County Ag Day, this event is during the day, we will need volunteers, they provide lunch.

*COMMUNITY APIARI: Saturday come out and help Larry out with the hives. If you need a mentor visit please let the Barnes family know.

STATE FAIR Reed Coyner *Booth this year has an interactive map with push buttons that light up, hive painted with the regions of NC. *Oct. 8-9,2018 drop off items with Whitney Barnes. Whitney will send out an email on google groups about fair entries needed. *

SUGGESTION: Seed swap during a future meeting.

GUEST SPEAKER: Ken Edmonds: Bee Hive Thermal Industries, Organic Termination of Varroa Mites

REFRESHMENTS: chips and water

DOOR PRIZES: Amanda Blanks and Calvin Hester won our door prizes

ATTENDANCE * 21PCBA Members attended the meeting, and 1 guest

* Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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