September 2015 Minutes

September 17, 2015
County Office-Auditorium

WELCOME./THANK  YOU.  Mary Dietz introduced Person County Library director Christy Bondy, who thanked PCBA for books donated this year and Amanda Blanks for August exhibit that stimulated questions about PCBA and circulation of bee books. 

ACTION.  Plan another library exhibit and offer a program at the library.  Add a second copy of one of the bee reference books which has circulated a lot (if Ms. Bondy thinks adviseable.)

PCBA FLYERS.   Mary is putting revised flyers in the green-tub-that-goes-to-events (at Carol’s.)

EQUIPMENT NEEDS-DECISION POSTPONED.   Carol Carter is getting estimates on cost of 2 five-foot folding tables.  Todd will get estimates on cost and size options (smaller may be better for State fair) for an additional banner and a hand-truck.   Members working events will bring chairs.

REFRESHMENTS-DECISION POSTPONED.   Options considered:  PCBA pays, officers purchase, special occasions or quarterly, offer just a beverage and snack.

ELECTIONS 2016 OFFICERS.  All officers are elected annually and the Exec Committee is serving as nominating committee so let Mary, Carol, Whitney, Amanda or Lynn know if you can serve in any leadership role next year.   Amanda and Whitney can continue as Treasurer and VP if re-elected.  Mary and Lynn are stepping down as President and Secretary.    And you don’t have to do the job the same way it’s been done before… For instance, shorter minutes have their benefits! 

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-PERSONALITY-   $75 worth of raffle tickets were sold, Mack and Amanda sold 4 jars of honey and Randall sold more in PM when crowds picked up.  Several connections for possible programs and outreach events were made.   THANK YOU NOTES–Thank you notes from Apimondia and library were circulated. 5th GRADE AG DAY—Randall Austin, Todd Walker, Michael Tustin, and Mary Deitz volunteered, with Mary as lead.  Whitney Barnes will check green tub to be sure there are 500 copies of 5th-grade appropriate puzzles (not coloring pages).   4-H BEEKEEPING CLUB—Todd Walker, Steve Long, Mack Blanks and Jamie Latimer, with Todd as lead, agreed to serve as resources but need more info.  FARMERS MARKETS. If you can represent PCBA and sell raffle tickets at either market call Mary at 919-698-9015.     COUNTRY CHRISTMAS WITH SANTA–Lynn (lead) with Mary, Amanda, Mac and Randall will represent PCBA at the Savages’ event (vendors, hayride, Santa, food and light show) from 3-7 PM on November 21.  PIEDMONT COMMUNITY COLLEGE “NC:  MY HOME”.   Mack Blanks (lead) and Amanda, Mary and Randall will represent PCBA at this event on October 1 from 9-3 pm.  They plan to sell honey and T-shirts.    PCBA FARM TOUR—Cancelled due to Avian Flu.  4-H CHRISTMAS-DEC.4—Details to come.

BEE SCHOOL PLANS.   Todd says Bee School 2016 will begin on January 14 and end March 17 with March 24 and 31 as make-up days.   Mary will double-check auditorium reservations for those dates.  Todd will get a brief write-up to Lynn for release to Courier-Times and post on PCBA and NCSBA websites by mid-December. 

FINANCIAL REPORT.   Amanda Blanks reported a beginning bank balance of $4593.62, with income of $502 from extractor rental, t-shirt, hat and raffle sales, and member dues. Expenses paid included raffle ticket printing cost and Apimondia USA bid support donation totalled $329.16. The ending bank balance is $4766.46 plus a $50 petty cash balance for a total of $4816.46. 

FUNDRAISER-HONEY RAFFLE. Calvin Boyd donated a quart of honey for raffle. $187 worth of raffle tickets have been sold.  Each member is challenged to buy/sell at least $10 worth. T-SHIRTS/HATS.  None were sold at Personality.  Consider doing all clothes sales during Bee School and place one order right after Bee School next year.

2016 MEMBERSHIPS-ACTION. Download the membership form from the PCBA website and mail with $5 (PCBA) and/or $15 (NCSBA) to Amanda Blanks at PCBA, PO Box 3072, Roxboro, NC 27573 or bring your dues to the October meeting.

STATE FAIR-PCBA–”BEE AWARE”.  ACTIONS.  Kim says please call her at 336-504-3737 if you would like to place your entry in the PCBA booth and/or to sign up to “staff” PCBA booth to give away seed balls and information sheets.  The booth is allowed to accept ONLY ONE entry in each of many competition categories.  Carol will forward the category list to Lynn to be forwarded to membership.  Todd plans to enter several categories.   If you think you may have an entry, go ahead and enter NOW.  Plan to take your items to Fair by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before Fair starts so it can be arranged in PCBA booth on Wednesday.  Friday is the deadline for online entries.  Product variety and individual ribbons earn POINTS for the PCBA booth.  Attend the State Fair work meeting on Saturday, September 26 at Kim’s house.   Mary Dietz will print cards for seed packets to be given away.

STATE FAIR-NCSBA INFO BOOTH-ACTIONS.  Carol Carter, Jamie Latimer, Mary Dietz, Bob Brauer, Calvin Hester and Larry Barnes agreed to work 4-hour shift.   Volunteers get free Fair ticket so call Todd Walker ASAP at 336-364-4377 if you can sign up. 

NCSBA MASTER BEEKEEPER-ACTIONS.   Todd Walker (lead), Randall Austin and Mary Dietz agreed to do practical tests for those who have passed the Certified written test.   Todd will get forms to Mary Dietz and Mary will administer the practical section to Alan, Larry, Mary Florence and Robert Brauer.   Others who have passed Certified and (preferably) have over-wintered their colony may call Todd at 336-364-4377 to request the practical test.   If you passed any test prior to December 2014, provide dates to Todd to help re-build State database.    The next steps are Journeyman, Master Beekeeper and Master Craftsman Beekeeper.  October 3 is the next test date at the Extension Office in Pittsboro. 

WAX WORKSHOP.   This workshop is at 2 PM on Saturday, Sept. 19 at Tom and Linda Savages.  Bring wax if you have it.

PROGRAM/HIVE TALK.  ((Ben Brodfuehrer could not attend due to work.)   Mary Dietz, Todd Walker and Randall Austin fielded questions.  Todd amended last month’s presentation:   “I’m not going to feed pollen when the bees would NOT normally be getting pollen.”  Questions covered Varroa treatment, excluders, mouseguards, solid versus screened bottom boards for winter, earwigs and ants.   Do a POST-TEST after treating as treatments may not be effective.

DEC.18 HOLIDAY POTLUCK AND DIRTY SANTA.  Mary will confirm location/time.   Gift cap is undecided. 

ATTENDANCE.   21 members signed in plus 1 guest.   78 current members includes 4 life members and 35 members who also joined NCSBA through PCBA. 


Lynn S. Wilson

Approved 10/15/15

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