September 2012 Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
3 sets of meeting minutes to be approved at the next meeting in October.

State Fair Bee Booth Sign Up
Don Hopkins was in attendance to talk about the educational bee booth that the state runs at the fair.  The shifts are in 4 hour increments beginning at 9am and ending at 9pm. He asked for volunteers to help staff the booth and passed around a sign up sheet. Each volunteer will receive a free pass for entry to the fair.


Wax Workshop
Wax workshop will be held on September 22nd, 1pm at the home of Tom and Linda Savage. The event will be a pot luck.

State Fair Booth
Updates were given regarding the progress of the booth.  Additional materials were handed in. Kim Buchanan gave an update on the audio recording progress and at the end of the meeting recorded Tim and Deborah Gentry.


Guest Speaker – Todd  Walker and Inge Kautzmann – Candle Mold Making Demonstration
In preparation for the wax workshop, club members, Inge and Todd, gave a demonstration on how to make silicone candle molds. The molds will be used to make candles during the wax workshop held that coming weekend. A fact sheet about wax was distributed to the members along with resource information about where to buy mold making kits.

Special thanks to Tom and Linda Savage for providing refreshments.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  October 18th at 7pm. Our guest speaker with be Todd Warner of Carolina Bee Company. Todd will be talking about low impact beekeeping. They are CNG beekeepers and will be sharing information on how they manage their bees and run their business. Their website is

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