September 2011 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Lewis Cauble motioned to pass and Tom Savage seconded.  All approved, motion passed.

Heifer International Donation
Inge confirmed that the donations collected from last meeting for a total of 5 hives have been paid to Heifer International.

Banner Graphic
Todd Walker present two designs for the group to approve for the printing of the new banner. The larger logo banner was accepted. Motion to pass was given by Mary Deitz and was seconded by Tim Gentry. None were opposed.

Club Logo
Reviewing the banner graphic brought up discussion about the pre-approved design. It was suggested by Tim Gentry that the three bees instead represent a Queen, a Worker and a drone. Because the design had already been approved used on the website and for design balance reasons the logo was approved to be kept as it. Motion to pass was given by Carol Carter and was seconded by Inge Kautzmann. None were opposed.


State Fair Booth Updates
Inge brought up that the printing of the posters for the state fair booth will be costly and that the booth design might need to be revised as a result. Carol Carter offered to get the posters printed at no charge to the club. And Mary Deitz motioned that a budget of $200 be established for any costs related to the booth. Todd Walker seconded. None were opposed.

Personality Festival
Inge brought up that the Personality Festival had been postponed due to storms in August giving the club the opportunity to participate this year in October. With the festival going on at the same time as the State Fair it was decided that we would hold off and wait until next year. Tim Gentry motioned this and Mary Deitz seconded. None were opposed.

Todd Walker reported on the costs for T-shirts. The shirts will be yellow with brown writing and will have the honeycomb bee logo large on the back and a smaller version on the front where a pocket would normally be. A sign up list was sent around for people to pre-order and Lewis Cauble suggested that an announcement be put on the list serve about ordering with size and fabric info. Todd Walker said he would to this.

Observation Hive
An observation hive is needed for the booth display as well as any educational presentations or events the club might participate in. Todd researched pricing options and reported this info to the club. Tim Gentry announced that the club had one already but wasn’t sure if he could find it. Carol Carter motioned that if the observation hive could not be located that a purchase be made to get one. Lewis Cauble seconded. None were opposed.


Hive Updates
Todd Walker mentioned that feeding your bees for fall too early can cause late summer swarms that he had several of. Mary Deitz mentioned that the same thing happened to her.

Guest Speaker – Dr. Juliana Rangel
Dr. Juliana Rangel of NCSU gave a talk about the relationship between honey bee health and pollination in Agro-ecosystems. Some of the topics addressed were…

  • The importance of honey bees as pollinators, value of honey bee pollination services in the US, and some definitions of ecosystems, agro-ecosystems, and ecosystem services (pollination being an important ecosystem service to humans)
  • Basics of pollination biology, morphological adaptations of honey bees for pollination
  • Economic impact and benefits of honey bee pollination nationwide and in NC

Thanks again to Cecil White for keeping us fed by bringing the refreshments.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  October 20th at 7pm. The guest speakers will be Ben and Becky Starr of Starrlight Mead. They are beekeepers and mead-makers in Pittsboro. The Starrs will be talking to us about their business and the process of brewing mead.

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