October 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes: October 18, 2018; 7:00pm County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to all * All of the speakers are lined up or Bee School! You can find flyers on our google group mail. Please post to the public. $75.00 individuals, PCBA members can be free if you mentor a new Bee keeper. * Honey Raffle * Bring money and stubs to our November meeting. * If you have spare wax fro the museum that you would like to donate contact Bob Brauer. * November Elections* Bob is willing to remain President; Whitney is staying as Community Outreach; Mac(fundraising), Amanda (Financial) and Mary Ann (Secretary) are looking to step down.

VP REPORT James Latimer * If you renew / join NCSBA early your name will be in the Yellow Book. * Working on November guest speaker * December will be pot luck.

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted October 18, 2018 Beginning balance: $7,359.39 Income Total: $80.00 Expenses: $45.00 Bank Balance: $7,594.39 * Renewal process continues for 2018 State $15.00 and County $5.00, Bee school members have already paid for the county club dues

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich September meeting minutes; 1st Ed Beal, 2nd Calvin Hester, Minutes were approved.

FUNDRAISING Mac Blanks * Think Christmas gifts- t-shirts& hats are for sale * HONEY FOR A YEAR RAFFLE- bring money and stubs to the November meeting. Need 4 lbs. more of honey( Jamie and Steve offered to donate)

COMMUNITY SERVICES Whitney Barnes * Person County Ag Day November 2- they provide lunch, would like to train a few more volunteers to talk about bees to the public. IT IS FUN!! ** Country Christmas @ Tom and Linda Savage’s home December 1,2018 @ 3:00pm. ** December 12, 2018 @ the Roxboro Library 4:00pm Beekeeping Overview ** Bahama Day we sold 60 raffle tickets **Community Apiary will be used during Bee School, We have extra suits if nay one needs one at the apiary.

STATE FAIR *50 lbs. of honey won !st, Quit won 1st, Booth won 7th

NEW BUSINESS: Bee Hive Thermal Industries * Motion- How much interest is there for the club to buy a Thermal Might Mite Killer? Then the club can rent it out to members. We decided to get a quote, and ask questions about sanitizing. Discuss it more during November meeting.

GUEST SPEAKER: Randall Austin, Things to do to reduce winter losses ( and even eliminate)

REFRESHMENTS: water, honey buns and oatmeal cream pies

DOOR PRIZES: Mac Blank and Steven Maszkiewicz : Black and yellow Bee Bowls ATTENDANCE *26 PCBA Members attending the meeting

* Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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