October 2017 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes:

October 19,2017; 7:00pm

County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to all *We will have Bee School 2018: Todd Walker. *We will elect new officers at our November meeting. *Google Group will replace List Serve. Current members will receive an invite email to join Google Groups from Person County Beekeepers Association. Please check with Robert Brauer or Amanda Blanks to make sure your email address is correct. There will be a list manager to patrol sent emails. An announcement from List Serve to Google Groups will be posted on FB and an email will be sent out on List Serve. Please give time to convert to Google Groups.

VP REPORT James Latimer October speaker Cedric Pearce donated his speaker stipend back to the Veterans Pollinator Garden. November will be Food Culinary with Honey

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted October 18,2017 Beginning balance: $6,375.65 Income Total: $82.00 Expenses: $00.00 Bank Balance: $6,457.65 * Renewal process continues for 2018 State $15.00 and County $5.00

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich *September meeting minutes were approved with the addition of refreshments.1st motion;Kim Buchanan, 2nd motion;Mac Blanks *October minutes will be emailed out on List Serve and Google Group.

FUNDRAISING Mac Blanks *We have sold out of Honey For a Year tickets. Bring all ticket end stubs and money to the November meeting. * We need 10 lbs. of honey for the raffle. * cookbooks and shirts are on sell.

COMMUNITY SERVICES Whitney Barnes **November 3, 2017: Person County AG Day for 5th graders; volunteers are needed please. Contact Whitney Barnes if you would like to volunteer or sell honey at an event.

STATE FAIR Kim Buchanan *We are looking for a 2018 State Fair booth chair person. Our 2107 booth won 4th. We encourage new energy. this is a great way to connect and learn with a group. 50 lbs of Honey was won by Whitney Barnes(Zombees), *There is a possibility of having a past fair judge come a speak about what judges look for. Suggestion was made to ask after judging will the names be revealed to the public.

NEW BUSINESS: 5th Annual Country Christmas November 4,2017 at the home of Tom and Linda Savage. Make it / Grow it Vendors are welcome. Santa will be there, Sleigh rides, and a light show at dusk.

GUEST SPEAKER: David Eckert from Orange County Club: Mentoring As A Club

REFRESHMENTS: chips and water from Amanda Blanks. DOOR PRIZES: 3 door prizes where raffled off tonight, courtesy of the club’s Golden Achievement Program (GAP) recognition. Steve Long, Stan Morton and Tracey Sheradin won.

ATTENDANCE *19 PCBA Members attending the meeting, 2 guest * Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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