October 2015 Minutes

October 15, 2015
County Office-Auditorium

WELCOME/MINUTES.  Mary Dietz welcomed the group and Minutes of both August and September meetings were approved. 

COMMUNITY OUTREACH/ 5th GRADE AG DAY—Randall Austin, Todd Walker, Michael Tustin, and Mary Deitz had previously volunteered, with Mary as lead, for this November 6 event.

STATE FAIR–PCBA won another first prize for its Bee Aware booth.  Todd Walker earned several first and second place prizes for his products displayed in booth which also added points for PCBA.  Kim Buchanan handed out Honorary Worker Bee Awards to Whitney Barnes, Carol Carter, Tom and Linda Savage.  Bob Brauer and Larry Barnes earned MVP awards from Kim for extra hard work.

ACTION.  Lynn will do news release.

FINANCIAL REPORT.   Amanda Blanks reported a beginning bank balance of $4766.46, income from raffle tickets and dues of $85, no expenses.  The ending bank balance is 4851.46 plus $50 petty cash for a total of $4. 901.46

FUNDRAISER-HONEY RAFFLE. Mack reported that we’ve only sold $243 worth of raffle tickets to date so please sell or buy raffle tickets!

EQUIPMENT PURCHASES.   Todd reported that another banner just like the one we have will cost $90 and a hand truck will cost $70.00.  Carol reported that a 5-foot folding table will cost $40 and chairs would cost $15 each.   

ACTIONS.   Decision on banner was postponed until Kim checks on cost of smaller vertical banner with its own post.  Todd will purchase hand truck.  Carol will purchase 2 6-foot folding tables at an estimated $40 each since banner is 6-feet.

DONATED SUPERS. Four shallows (one unassembled) and one feeder were auctioned with Kim Buchanan winning with $20 bid.

“LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!  IT’S A BIRD!  IT’S A PLANE!   IT’S A SUPERORGANISM!” Randall Austin kept beekeepers smiling as he compared the honey bee colony to an individual mammal’s anatomy.  There’s no such thing as a single honey bee.  The essential diversity of bee responses, to temperature thresholds in the hive, for instance, is a very good thing that would-be bee breeders need to keep in mind.  Do we really want ALL the bees to have ALL the traits?  He recommends Jurgen Tautz’s The Buzz About Bees (available courtesy of PCBA at the Person County Library) for more details about the superorganism.   He challenged us to become colony keepers (instead of beekeepers) and to align our objectives with colony objectives.

REFRESHMENTS were offered by Lynn Wilson.  No one has signed up for November refreshments.

ATTENDANCE. 20 members signed in.   78 current members includes 4 life members and 35 members who also joined NCSBA through PCBA.  17 members have renewed for 2016 to date.


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