October 2011 Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Mac Blanks motioned to pass and Tom Savage seconded.  All approved, motion passed.


State Fair Booth Updates
Todd Walker showed photos of the booth setup and prize winning blue ribbon.  Todd’s amber honey entry also won 3rd place out of 74 entries. Todd reported the expenses and earnings for the booth as follows:

-$165 in mounting of the posters
-$38 in supplies
+$125 for winning first place
-$78 in out of pocket expenses for the booth

T-shirt orders were distributed to those who had placed an order.  An email will be sent to those who were not present to make arrangements for pick up directly with Todd Walker.


Guest Speakers – Becky and Ben Starr of StarrLight Mead
Meadmakers and owners of Starrlight Mead, Beck and Ben Starr shared with us how to make mead. Ben and Becky have been making honey wine for over 7 years and what started as a passion evolved into a business a little over a year ago. One of their most popular recipes won best of show at the 2006 international mead festival.

Ben shared with us the history of mead, discussed various types of yeast used in mead making and their impact on the overall flavor as well as fermentation times and guidelines.  Ben’s favorite yeast is Lalvin 71B1122 and one that he said is ‘guaranteed’ to ferment is K1V1116. He finished by giving a quick demonstration on how to make mead, see recipe below. He also recommended the book “The Complete Meadmaker” by Ken Schramm.

Becky who worked at Chatham Hill Winery for 2 years learning tasting room and wine club management conducted a mead tasting for us. She shared with us one of their new creations that included peppers. The slightly sweet flavor combined with a bit of heat from the pepper was very unique.

Simple Mead Recipe
In a one gallon jug combine the following
3 1/2 pounds honey
1 large orange cut into 1/8 wedges
1 small handful of raisins ~25
1 stick of cinnamon
1 whole clove
pinch of nutmeg and all spice
1 tsp of yeast (standard bread yeast)
fill to neck of jug with water

With homemade recipes due to the lack of temperature controls a mead like this will need to ferment for 6 months to a year.

Thanks again to Cecil White for keeping us fed by bringing the refreshments.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  November 17th at 7pm. The guest speaker will be entomologist Dick Rogers. He will be speaking to the club about bee health.

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