November 2017 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes: November 16,2017; 7:00pm County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to all *Thank you to The Barnes Family for the wonderful idea of a donation box as part of our State Fair display. $326.00 was collected. This money will be donated to NC State University Apiculture Science Fund. *Thank you to Kim Buchanan for 4 years of chairing the State Fair Booth. Kim was given a gift from PCBA. We are now searching for a new chair. *Google Group: Members are happy they are now receiving information through emails. Please check your email with Bob if you wish to be added to the group. The PCBA web site will be updated to state Google Groups. * Brushy Mountain is offering 10% discount to our members. The club will need to share your email with Brushy Mt. * 2018 Bee School will start Jan.18,2018. Please pass along the word. The Roxboro paper will run an announcement. There is a repeat option for repeat class members. 2018 OFFICERS President: Robert Brauer, Vice President: James Latimer, Treasure: Amanda Blanks, Secretary: Mary Ann Rich A motion was made to keep same officers from 2017 for 2018. Calvin Hester 1st, Mac Blanks 2nd; Motion was approved

VP REPORT James Latimer *Check out Mystic Farm and Distillery; 1212 Mineral Springs Road, Durham,NC 27703; mention you heard about them from PCBA. *Brought in a box of 100lbs of sugar for you to lift. Gives you a feel for what your hive should weight going into the Winter. *See James with possible ideas for next year topics.

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted November 16,2017 Beginning balance: $6,457.65 Income Total: $687.00 Expenses: $270.07 Bank Balance: $6,924.58 * Renewal process continues for 2018 State $15.00 and County $5.00. When filling out your renewal form you can check the box to have your card sent to your email or home address. Remember you can enroll online.

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich *October minutes: Larry Barnes 1st,Mary Deitz 2nd; minutes were approved by club members

FUNDRAISER Mac Blanks *All 12 lbs were collected for The Honey for a Year Raffle.Big Thank You to; Mr.&Mrs. Savage, Tim Harris, Calvin Hester, Robert Brauer, Kim Buchanan, James Latimer and The Barnes family for donating the honey. Winner of the drawing this year was Ashley Marcoux * Pick up hats and shirts from Mac and think about giving Club hats or shirts as Christmas gifts.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Whitney Barnes *Robert Brauer made a motion to make Community Outreach coordinator a formal position, and appoint Whitney Barnes coordinator for 2018. Kim Buchanan 1st, Mac Blanks 2nd; Motion was approved by the club members


BYLAWS Lynn Wilson made a motion to look at the clubs bylaws about when/if changes are made or how to make changes. Kim Buchanan 1st, Mary Ann Rich 2nd; Approved by club members

GUEST SPEAKER: James Latimer: Preparations for Selling Honey at the Farmers Market

REFRESHMENTS: chips and water from Amanda Blanks.

DOOR PRIZES: 3 door prizes where raffled off tonight, courtesy of the club’s Golden Achievement Program (GAP) recognition. James Latimer, Jim Haywood, Deanna Rimms, and Teresa Partridge. The 4th door prize was donated by Lynn Wilson; Thank you.

ATTENDANCE *32 PCBA Members attending the meeting, 1 guest

NEXT PCBA MEETING WILL BE DECEMBER 21,2017 We will have our holiday pot luck dinner along with Dirty Santa gift exchange($10.00-$20.00 gift). The club will provide the drinks, cups, plates,utensils and ice. Please bring a dish to share with everyone. Our meeting time has been changed to 6:00 pm for this meeting only. * Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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