November 2014 Minutes

Date: November 20, 2014
Location: Person County Office Building, Room 165

WELCOME. Mary welcomed the group and reported that Inge is recuperating from knee surgery and announced PCBA’s annual Christmas dinner and “Dirty Santa” gifting begins at 6:30 PM on December 18 in our regular meeting space. PCBA provides plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and beverages. Bring a potluck dish to share and a small bee-related gift if you’d like to participate in the gift exchange.

MINUTES: Minutes of October meeting were approved as e-mailed.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-AG DAY. 500 school children came to the PCBA station to learn how pollination improves our diet, learn about workers, drones and queen, then study the observation hive. Mary, Bob, Amanda, Mac, and David represented PCBA at this event.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-COUNTRY CHRISTMAS WITH SANTA at the Savages. Lynn reported that while not so many attended, it was an enjoyable afternoon for Amanda and Mac and herself at the PCBA booth. Some honey and additional raffle tickets were sold, and one young man got his first taste of honey. Carol and Calvin also participated with their own booths. Amanda created a gift certificate for bee school for which there were no sales.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-4-H CARDS AND COOKIES EVENT. Whitney Barnes invites others to help her create wax ornaments with 4-H young people at the County Office Building from 9-11 AM on Saturday, Dec. 13.

ACTION: Mary Dietz will help. Call Whitney at 919-599-4790 to help.

TREASURY: Amanda reported a beginning balance of $3432.36, income of $588, expenses of $472.58, and an ending bank balance of $3547.78 plus $50 cash. Contact Amanda at if you’d like to purchase a Bee School Gift Certificate for a Christmas present.

FUNDRAISING.-HONEY RAFFLE, T-SHIRTS, ETC. Mac reports that $737.00 in raffle ticket sales has been turned in. All clothing items have been picked up and paid for. He still has some PCBA hats for sale (two styles). He thanked everyone for making these fundraisers a success.

BEE SCHOOL 2015. School begins on January 22 and is limited to 40 participants. Inge reported that 15 people have already enrolled.

ACTION. Call Debbie Harrelson at 336-599-1195 to get your name on the list if you plan to take the class.

STATE FAIR. Kim shared ribbons and items from the booth. Her committee is also planning to have a “lessons learned” meeting and she invites those interested in taking charge of next year’s booth to attend as well. In addition to the PCBA booth’s Blue Ribbon and a 2nd prize for wax product, two PCBA members also earned ribbons: Mary took 2nd place for her display of 50 jars of honey, Carol Carter earned a 5th place for comb, and Michele Warren won two 2nd place prizes for photos.

ACTION. Carol will use State Fair items to update the PCBA display and possibly for an exhibit in another case in the County Office Building.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE/ELECTIONS. Amanda reported that she and Carol had made several phone calls and were still unable to recruit a president. Amanda and Lynn agreed, and PCBA elected them, to continue for one more year as Treasurer and Secretary. Whitney Barnes agreed, and PCBA elected her, to serve as Vice President. Mary Dietz and Carol Carter agreed, and PCBA elected them, to serve as Co-Presidents for the upcoming year.

ACTION. Mary and Carol will call a meeting of the Executive Committee soon.

HONEY OF THE MONTH DRAWING. By virtue of being the most senior member present, Calvin Boyd drew the Honey of the Month winner, Tony Schaler. Tony is Michele Warren’s nephew and lives out of state. ACTION: David Warren will call Tony to let him know he has won and make arrangements to get the basket of honey to him. He will also share a picture of Tony (hopefully Tony and basket) with Lynn, who will then do a news release.

PROGRAM. Mary asked group members to update their hive numbers (on a list that was circulated) and we’ll survey again in March, so that we can compare our winter losses with national averages. Mary asked members to share their hive observations, questions and suggestions for PCBA for next year. Kim reported success using a yellow jacket trap made from soda bottle with top cut off and inverted into bottom as a funnel, baited with lunch meat. Lynn said Garden Club members also wanted to know how to get rid of yellow jackets without harming the honeybees. She shared Kim’s solution with NC Zoo because two young NC Bee Exhibit visitors had been stung by yellow jackets at a Zoo snack area. James and Randall noted that yellow jackets are also pollinators so thoughtfulness about killing them is advised. Carol reported that she’s been getting allergy shots to de-sensitize her to bee stings and now only has to get them once every six weeks so she feels confident about managing her own bees. Mary Florence shared that she had been approved for a Pollinator Partnership and will get seeds for bee forage plants in December. She is preparing 5 acres and agrees to allow beekeepers and researchers to visit as part of the grant program. Find more information at

ACTION: Mary Dietz will re-send the information about this resource to all PCBA members. Whitney asks what can be done about the room getting so hot, especially during bee school. Some windows were immediately raised!

ACTION: Mary will check with County Office to see if temperature can be lowered but also encouraged members to speak up anytime they get too warm. Can you take honey now? Yes, if your bees don’t need it. Door prizes were recommended for Bee School classes. They’re already provided for the field day, but Mary will share this idea with Inge and Todd. Also, there will be a drawing near the end of bee school for a hive to be purchased with part of the fees collected. Bee school participants will get one ticket, but PCBA and class members will be able to purchase additional tickets. Some interest was expressed in the Club owning a solar wax melter. Larry Barnes offered to share the one he has built, but cautioned that it takes two to lift it. Lelia Gentry asked for … and found … at least two partners to help manage her hives.

ACTION: The group agreed that the membership list should be shared among the membership so that everyone will know how to contact each other and be able to find the closest beekeeper when they need help. Lynn ask folks to let her know at if they want to opt out of the shared list.

ACTION: Lynn will contact Lewis Cauble and see about setting up a map of member locations similar to the one he created for Orange County.

ACTION: Members are encouraged to let others know when you are getting ready to do something that somebody might want to watch … like a Varroa sugar roll or doing a split. Is it okay to sell honey with crystals? Better to liquefy it first. Randall puts crystalized honey in an old refrigerator and runs a 100-watt light bulb in there to get rid of crystals. Hurdle Mills Feed and Seed is selling some beekeeper supplies like smokers, etc. Check it out. Would PCBA be interested in sponsoring plant labels for the NC Zoo Bee Exhibit? Yes, but how much might it cost?

ACTION: Lynn will get more information. NCSBA meeting will be February 5-7 in Monroe, NC with SC State Beekeepers Association.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harris for this evening’s refreshments!

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: 29 members present reported having 82 hives going into the winter.

by Lynn S. Wilson
November 24, 2014

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