November 2012 Minutes

Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary Deitz distributed the minutes for approval. Kim Buchanan motioned to approve as is. Lynn Wilson seconded, none opposed, motion to accept the minutes passed.

State Fair Bee Booth Awards
Todd Walker brought in a check for the State Fair winnings in the amount of $136. Inge Kautzmann brought in the Courier Times article that was published about the club’s State Fair awards.

Ag Day
Mary gave a report about the club’s participation in Ag Day and thanked all who helped out. She passed around the thank you note the club received from the Ag Ext office. The note was given to Inge for the archives.

Elections were held as follows:
President – Mary Deitz
Vice President – Inge Kautzmann
Treasurer – Donna Steen
Secretary – Lynn Wilson

Cecil White motioned that the slate be accepted, Tom Savage seconded, none were opposed.

Mary reminded everyone that the December meeting will be a pot luck. The club will provide drinks, plates, cups and utensils and club members are to bring a covered dish. We will meet a little early at 6:30pm and for those that want to participate in a gift exchange they can bring an inexpensive present.

Kim Buchanan offered to set up and manage a facebook page for the club.

Cecil White mentioned that Debbie Harrelson at the Ext Office would post an ad for us about the Bee School. Inge Kautzmann said she would get her the listing. Tim Gentry also mentioned getting in touch with the local radio station and that David Bradsher was the one to contact. Inge said she would also follow up on this.

Guest Speaker – Randall Austin – Your Bees Stink
Our guest speaker, Master Beekeeper, Randall Austin gave a talk on honeybee pheromones. He mentioned that compared to other insects, bees have many more genes for odor reception.

  • Bees 170
  • Mosquitoes 79
  • Fruit Flies 62

He discussed the different pheromones for the different casts in the hive, The Queen, Workers and Drones. He also said that brood and beeswax carry pheromones.

Queen Pheromones by Gland

  • Tergal gland – Works by touch and good only for short distances
  • Tarsal gland – Inhibits queen cell production where she walks
  • Mandibular gland – (90DA) Good for long distances evaporates and spreads by air
  • Rectal gland – Only in young virgin queens it repels worker bees. Works as a non-aggressor among worker bees so that they are accepting of her.

Worker Pheromones by Gland

  • Nasonov gland – Tells were queen is (that she is present), marks entrances, marks food and water sources. Greatest among foragers. If smelled by other bees they will start to release it too. Smells like citrus and geranium.
  • Koschevnikov gland – This is the alarm pheromone produced by guard and forager bees. Queen don’t produce it. Smells like bananas.
  • Tarsal gland – Used for trail marking
  • Mandibular gland – Acts as an anesthetic to stun small insects and mites bitten by bees. Causes paralysis for about 9 minutes. Smells like blue cheese.

Drones Pheromones by Gland

  • Mandibular gland – Used to attract other drones to congregation areas (DCA’s)

Brood Pheromone
Brood possesses an inhibitory pheromone that suppresses ovarian development in worker bees. It is spread by contact from nurse bees throughout the hive. Brood pheromone acts as brood recognition as well, indicating the difference between workers, drones and pupae in various stages of development. The brood pheromone also stimulates collection of pollen in the forging bees.

Beeswax Pheromone
The mandibular glands of the worker bee adds chemicals to the beeswax that stimulates foraging when empty comb is present.

The ability to sense pheromones means that bees require a good sense of smell. The part of the bee responsible for smell is the antennae which are comprised of plates. The following are the number of plates per caste.

  • Queen = 3 thousand
  • Worker = 6 thousand
  • Drone = 30 thousand

Those that attended the Debbie Roos Bee Nutrition seminar reported that Debbie gives regular tours of her pollinator garden at Chatham Mills which is near Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro.

Special thanks to Lelia Gentry for providing refreshments this month.

None provided.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  December 20th at 6:30pm. This will be our annual Holiday Pot Luck dinner and everyone is expected to bring a dish to share. For those wanting to be a part of a gift exchange please bring an inexpensive gift to participate.

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