November 2010 Meeting Minutes


2010 President Cecil White opened the meeting with elections. The results are as follows:

Cecil made the motion to nominate Mary Deitz for President, Tim Gentry seconded the motion, there were no challengers and the motion was passed by unanimous vote.

Vice President:
Mary Deitz made the motion to nominate Todd Walker for Vice President, Inge Kautzmann seconded the motion, there were no challengers and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

Todd Walker made the motion to nominate Calvin Hester to the office of Treasurer, Mary Deitz seconded the motion, there were no challengers and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

Mary Deitz made the motion to nominate Inge Kautzmann to the office of Secretary, Todd Walker seconded the motion, there were no challengers and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

Inge will submit new officer information along with new meeting time to NCSBA for inclusion on their website.

Cecil volunteered to continue managing the key and access for the building and meeting room. Cecil will also notify the bank of the President change so that Mary Deitz’s name can be added to the account and his removed. Attendance sheet requirement for the extension building – Inge will look into this to see what exactly is required and what methods can be used to report it.

Mary proposed that a new set of by-laws modeled after NCSBA be voted on during the December meeting.  A copy will be sent via email to all members in advance so that a decision can be made in December. Tim Gentry verified that there is an existing set of by-laws, but no copy was available. The voting in of the new by-laws will supersede any pre-existing by-laws and constitution.

Bee School
Mary confirmed that PCBA will have a Bee School beginning January 6th that runs for 10 weeks (plus a field day TBA) on Thursday nights from 7-9pm. The cost for the school will be $35 and will include course materials, a one year PCBA membership and a copy of the 1st Lessons in Beekeeping. The overall content of the 2010 Bee School will remain. The changes made will be to restructure the format slightly and the course materials and visual aids will be updated.

Advertising and facilities for the Bee School were discussed. Tim Gentry mentioned that the Extension Office has an ad that they place to announce the school. Inge will contact Debbie at the office to obtain a copy for review and updating if needed. Inge will also check with Debbie about room availability for the school on the nights proposed. Radio advertising was also mentioned and contacting the Farmer’s Corner show was suggested. Once the Bee School facilities are confirmed Inge will submit details to NCSBA for listing on their website.

2011 Programs and guest speakers
VP and Program Chair, Todd Walker asked the group to let him know of any topics they would like to have covered in the coming year as well as ideas for hands on field days. Some topics that were mentioned were How Do Swarms Happen, Queen Rearing, Status of Honey Bee Health, Wax Workshop.


Winterizing Your Hives
A roundtable discussion was initiated by Mary on ways to winterize your hives to help your bees make it through the cold season. Main topics covered were installing entrance reducers and ventilation either by propping up your top board or having an inner cover with a notch. Ron Hannemon brought a notched inner cover to show as an example. Will Hicks our regional bee inspector echoed the importance of ventilation saying that moisture build up in the hive is one of the biggest threats to bees over the winter.


Stan Slaughter expressed concern about getting his bees through winter since he lost a few hives last year due to cold. He is considering moving his bees to a south facing barn wall where the warmth of the sun would be reflected onto the hives.

Mary reported that with the recent high winds we had the tops to her hives blew off. Solutions offered were to weigh down the top with a brick or to consider tying everything down. The idea is that with high winds or an ice storm if a tree branch falls on the hive having the chambers bound would prevent the hive from breaking open during the cold weather if it were to fall or be knocked over.


Thanks to Calvin Hester for providing two entrance reducers for this month’s door prize. Thanks also to Cecil White for donating a beetle trap as one of the prizes.


Cecile White offered to continue bringing the refreshments for the meetings. Reimbursement in full will be made upon providing an official receipt to the Treasurer, Calvin Hester.


Calvin Hester reported that there was $336.66 in the account at the time of the meeting.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 7pm. The meeting will be a Holiday pot luck. Mary Deitz has offered to take care of the drinks and Cecil White will make sure that we have ice, plates, cups, napkins and utensils. Everyone else is invited to bring a dish of their choosing to contribute to the pot luck.

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