May 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes: May 17,2018; 7:00pm County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to all *Hope nectar flow is good for everyone.

VP REPORT James Latimer *June- Chris Apple (Orange County Bee Association) Communication in the Hive, July- Bob Brauer: Building Hive, Equipment, August- Community Out reach Open House: Ed Beal reminded us he first came to our meeting because of our Community Out Reach night last year!

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted May 16,2018 Beginning balance: $8,741.75 Income Total: $20.00 Donations: plants for the Veteran’s Garden $49.55 Expenses: $225.00 Bank Balance: $8,786.75 *Remember to sign in. We will combine all names for future meetings. * Pick up NCSBA cards from Amanda

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich *April meeting minutes were approved. 1st motion;Ed Beal, 2nd motion;Mac Blanks *Email Mary Ann Rich for you would like to bring refreshments to a meeting;

FUNDRAISING Mac Blanks *T-shirts and hats (structured and unstructured)are back in stock

COMMUNITY SERVICES Whitney Barnes **June 7- Granville County Honey Tasting** June 23 Granville County Bee Jubilee July 30- Summer Fun Day: We will look at participation numbers to determine if next year we have a second Fun Day. ** Aug. 18- Worldwide Honeybee Day * Person County Beekeepers Association has a Facebook Page: announcements about what the club is doing. Facebook Group:(closed) Open Discussion amongst members. * GAP- We are complying documents now for next year. * Community Apiary- Thank you Tom and Linda Savage for allowing the hives to be on your property. Everyone is invited to come out and learn. Every Saturday morning 9:00ish am. Still determining ways to operate the apiary and transition from a pilot to terminate apiary. * Looking into the possibility of setting a google phone line to give out to the public if the find a swarm on their property.

VETERANS GARDEN Stan Morton *Request to look at the plants on the left side of the garden. NEW BUSINESS: Masters Garden Group * Ed Beal said that the group is being reactivated by Johnny Coley

GUEST SPEAKER: Will Hicks: NC State Apiary Inspector

REFRESHMENTS: granola bars and rice crispy bars(Mary Ann Rich) with water (Amanda Blanks)

DOOR PRIZES: 2 door prizes where raffled off. A Bee House donated by Tractor Supply:Amanda Blanks and Calvin Boyd:Club t-shirt.

ATTENDANCE *26 PCBA Members attending the meeting, 1 guest * Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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