May 2012 Minutes


Contact List distribution
It was recommended by members to have the latest contact list distributed to the membership. None were opposed. The years of beekeeping experience is to be added to the list and sent out by Inge Kautzmann.

Snack Sign-up Sheet
Inge Kautzmann proposed that snacks for the monthly meetings be handled by the members in rotation. None were opposed and Inge offered to create a sign-up sheet and volunteered for the next meeting. Mac and Amanda Blanks are signed up for July.

Field Day Events
June 2 – Honey Extraction Workshop – Proposed date, Todd Walker to confirm with Tom and Linda Savage who offered to host the event. The group was told to pencil in the date and that an email announcement confirming the date would be sent. Those who planned on attending were asked to bring a covered dish for the potluck.

September 22 or 29 – Wax Workshop – These are the proposed dates for a wax workshop, location to be determined. Activities for the workshop to included making candles, lotions and lip balms. Club members were encouraged to collect wax and give it to Todd Walker so he can melt it down for the workshop. Once the date and location are confirmed, the group will be notified.

Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary Deitz passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Amanda Blanks motioned to pass and Todd Walker seconded. All approved, motion passed.

Meeting and Bee School Space
The existing room is too small to conduct a bee school next year assuming we have the same number of students. Mary Deitz will check with the extension agent about alternatives.

Summer Meeting
Mary Deitz announced the dates for the July summer meeting in Lumberton NC and encouraged all to attend.


Personality Event
It was decided that the club would participate by having a booth at the Person County Personality Event on June 23rd. Inge announced that the deadline for the application is June 15th and that the group needed to decide whether to do an informational booth or a craft booth. The craft booth fee is $60 and allows for the sale of honey. Inge motioned for the craft booth and Mary Deitz seconded. None were opposed. Treasurer Donna Steen cut a check for the application that is to be mailed by Inge.

Inge will also create a volunteer sign-up sheet and announce the times to the group via the list serve.

Times for the event are Saturday June 23rd from 10am to 3pm (rain date 6/24 from 1pm to 7pm)


Bee Yard Updates
Cecil White announced that he set up a water feeder on his property.

Mark Friedrich asked of the group what the bees are feeding on now since the honey flow is about to end. Geneva Green replied that she has seen holly, elderberry and rain trees in bloom. She cautioned people to really watch the bees’ stores. Because everything came into bloom early due to the mild winter we may experience an earlier and therefore longer period of dearth as we head into summer. She said this could mean that we may need to feed. Randall Austin agreed stating that you should feed only the bees who need it, otherwise you could trigger late season swarms.

GuestSpeaker – Todd Walker and Lewis Cauble – Back Yard Queen Rearing

Todd and Lewis spoke about their first year experience with raising queens. Both had attended a Born and Bread workshop conducted by NCSU that was designed to educate local beekeepers about queen rearing in the hopes that it would promote locally raised queens. Topics covered during their talk are as follows.

3 main reasons for raising queens:
-promote a new skill set, for example hygiene
-improved queen quality
-select for specific traits

3 reasons colonies make queens:
-Death of the queen

Methods of Queen Rearing:
-Walk away split
-Doolittle Method (which is what Todd and Lewis use)
-Miller Method
-Jenter/Nicot System

Resources mentioned were:
-Successful Queen Rearing by Dr. Marla Spivak and Gary Reuter
-The Practical Beekeeper, Beekeeping Naturally by Michael Bush
-Queen Rearing Essentials by Lawrence John Connor
-Cloak Board Method Cloak Board Method PDF

At the end of the talk, a grafting field day was suggested by Carol Carter so that the members could see first hand how it is done. All seemed in agreement, but no plans were discussed.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 21st at 7pm.

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