May 2011 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Mac Blanks motioned to pass and Lewis Cauble seconded.  All approved, motion passed.

Todd Walker brought the banner to the meeting for review by the group. He suggested making a new one so that the look of it will be consistent with the new PCBA logo. He will look into the cost of this for discussion at the next meeting. Cecil White gave him the name of RnS Sporting Goods for a local vendor.

State Fair Booth
Geneva Green presented her idea for the state fair booth “From Our Plant to Your Plate” that follows the path from plant to plate for various hive products, such as Honey, Pollen, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Produce. The group liked the idea but a final decision will not be voted on until the next meeting. Inge Kautzmann encouraged more members to bring their booth ideas to the June meeting. Inge also suggested that once a booth idea was voted on that a committee be developed to begin work on the booth.

Donna Steen suggested that the booth include a component that shows what beekeeping looks like worldwide.

Geneva mentioned the 3 factors that are judged in the booth category, Quality, Originality, and Education. Lewis Cauble said he would send out to the list serve information about the honey judging requirements.


Wax Demo
Our guest speaker, David Langham demonstrated for the group how to make various types of wax products, candles, ornaments, lights, etc. The equipment and gear he brought illustrated the process from beginning to end. For more details check out the listing on our website at:


Meredith reported that she had lost the queen that came with the first package and that she was getting a new one (package).

Package for Sale
It was confirmed that Mr. Eugene Berryhill had sold his package of bees and was assisted by Tim Gentry.

Thanks again to Cecil White for keeping us fed by bringing the refreshments.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 7pm. State Fair booth topics will be voted on and the guest speaker (Jenn Keller) will be talking about entering honey and wax products for competition. Those who have honey or wax products are encouraged to bring them for her to conduct a mock judging.

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