March 2017

Person County Beekeepers Association
Minutes March 16,2017; 7:00pm
County Office Auditorium

President Report:
*Robert Brauer
* You may now register for Summer Conference; July 13-15,2017 in Winston-Salem,NC
VP report:
James Latimer
* Possible Topics: top bar hives, splits, for or against pesticides. See Jamie if you have other ideas.
Financial report
Amanda Blanks
March16,2017 Beginning balance: $6,750.62
Income Total: $793.62
Expenses: $458.56
Bank Balance: $7,085.6
Ending Balance: $7,135.68
*Membership Number: 4 Life Member, 48 2017 dues have been paid, 31 from Bee School, 48 NCSBA Members
*Please see Amanda for your NCSBA cards if you paid your dues and not received yours yet.
Secretary report
Mary Ann Rich
*correction made to February minutes: 24 shirts and 12 hats were bought for stock.
*Motion made by Jim Hayward and seconded by Tom Savage to approve February 2017 minutes. Minutes were approved.
Fundraising report
Amanda Blanks
*We now have extra hats and t-shirts in stock for purchase.
Community outreach
Lynn Wilson
*Veterans Garden: Field day: April 8,2017
Robert Brauer will place the Butterfly Highway sign at the Veterans Garden
GAP : There were 10 applicants this year, 5 last year. Winners will be announced in July.
* If you need help with your hive please reach out to Whitney Barnes.
Bee School
*Todd Walker began Bee School at 7:15pm Topic Seasonal management

*23 PCBA Members attending the meeting not including Bee School. We will start counting them when Bee school ends

*Submitted by: Mary Ann Rich

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