March 2011 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Inge announced that the December meeting minutes had been approved in a side bar meeting during the bee school on 2/3/11. A copy was made available at the meeting for those interested. It was mentioned that a copy can also be found on the website.

As this was the first official meeting of the year due to the bee school, membership forms had not been yet distributed. Inge made those available to those at the meeting who did not attend the bee school (registration fee for the school included a one year club membership).This form can also be obtained from the website.

Bee School Stats
Inge reported that the 2011 PCBA Bee school had a total of 38 participants and in the absence of Treasurer, Calvin Hester reported that after expenses the school made $670.52.Todd Walker,VP congratulated the group on a very high passing rate for the written and practical exams.


Field Days
The club members were asked what type of field days they would like to have. Honey extraction was one of the ideas mentioned.ToddWalker will work to arrange that as we get closer to summer.

Todd suggested that the club invest in a banner with the new logo that can be displayed at events like the State Fair. Cecil White mentioned that the club already has a banner but was not sure where it was. President Mary Deitz motioned that if the original banner could not be found that a new one be purchased. Lynn Wilson seconded, none were opposed, motion passed.Todd will look into to this and report back to the group.

Todd asked the group if there would be an interest in T-Shirts, all were in agreement. Cecil White made some suggestions of a few local vendors and it was recommended that the production of the shirts be kept local to give back to the community.Todd will research this and report back to the club.

State Fair Booth
Todd and Mary mentioned the desire for the club to have a booth presence at the State Fair this year.They urged everyone to begin thinking of ideas for the booth.


How and Why Bees Use Propolis
Our guest speaker Dr. Mike Simone-Finstrom was introduced by Todd Walker. Mike is currently at NCSU by way of the University of Minnesota and has been conducting new research projects on propolis. Mike explained and illustrated for the group why honeybees collect resins (complex plant secretions with antimicrobial properties) and incorporate them into the nest architecture.

For more details about the talk see the post on the PCBA website at:

Thanks again to Cecil White for keeping us fed. He will settle up with the Treasurer at the next meeting.

In the absence of Treasurer, Calvin Hester, Inge reported that there was $925.33 in the account at the time of the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 7pm. Please bring your ideas for the State Fair as this will be a topic of discussion.

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