June 2017 minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association
Minutes June 15,2017; 7:13pm
County Office Auditorium

-President Report:
Robert Brauer
* Be Aware of Bears: Bob had a bear attack on his hives. He may have lost a Queen. His hives are located at the South end of Mayo Reservoir. A 7,000 volt electric fence has been installed.
Reminder of Dates: June 17,2017; 11:00am Extraction workshop at Tom and Linda Savage’s home
* June 24,2017; 9:00am-4pm Bee Jubilee Graville County Bee Association

James Latimer
*Upcoming topics: July- Fall Preparation: Todd Walker, August- “Keep the Hive Alive” movie night,
September- Chemistry of the hive: Cedric Pearce,

-Financial Report
Amanda Blanks
*Submitted June 15,2017 Beginning balance: $6,668.45
Income Total: $0.00
Expenses: $540.80
Bank Balance: $6,127.65
*Please see Amanda for your NCSBA cards if you paid your dues and not received yours yet.

-Secretary Report
Mary Ann Rich
*May Meeting Minutes were submitted by Whitney Barnes; James Latimer made motion of approval, Mac Blanks 2nd, *May Minutes were approved with a few spelling corrections and one financial change.

-Fundraising Report
Mac Blanks

-Community SERVICES
Whitney Barnes
*Due to Whitney Barnes travels Robert Brauer spoke
*Upcoming events: 4-H Fun Day, Personality will be held Aug. 26,2017
*Library Display: Volunteers are needed to change out the display. Amanda Blanks will reach out to Frank Haywood, Kim Buchanan said she will help, Bob has a large Bee that can be used.
Lynn Wilson
*Veterans Garden: Thank you to Stan Morton for his hours of edging. The flower beds are being extended and freshened up. Please go see all the blooming flowers.
*Nature Journaling Class: August 2, 2017 9am-12pm room 166 Person County Office Building, $20.00 per person. The class will be lead by Jane Eckenrode. Details will be sent out on List Serve and posted in the Courier Times. This workshop is open to the public.

-State Fair
Kim Buchanan
The next meeting will be June 27 @ 7pm at Kim’s home. We are looking for new faces and ideas.
If you would like to help please email Kim; (kim@kimbuchanan.com) NEW BUSINESS: None

Guest Speakers:
Joe Milone: Queen Rearing, Queen Quality , Queen Exposure to Chemicals
Erin McDermott: Honey Bee Disease Detection
* There is a fee and it may take a few weeks for test results.

*17 PCBA Members attending the meeting, 2 guest
* Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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