June 2015 Minutes

June 18, 2015
County Office Building-Auditorium

WELCOME.-CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Mary introduced Alicia Puryear with this info about the Roxboro Chamber.  Puryear:  Currently there are 343 members (none present) and the Chamber’s purpose is to support small businesses and help the community grow in healthy ways. Sliding membership fee scale permits individuals, nonprofits, small businesses and those with more than 5 employees participate. With only two staff persons, the goal is to help members get the most from membership with a bi-monthly e-mailed newsletter to which we could contribute. Several ongoing Chamber committees include small business, industrial, and Personality Festival. $40,000 worth of gift certificates …good at Chamber member businesses … were sold last year. The Chamber sponsors Business After Hours and Good Morning Coffees instead of monthly meetings. They arrange ribbon-cutting events for members who are expanding or moving, help arrange balloon releases, and sponsor an annual safety award banquet. The Reality Store offers every Person County 8th-grader a dose of financial education. They partner with Roxboro Development Group and others to support other uptown events like the vintage car show that will be around the Courthouse tomorrow night, Jingle on Main and the 4th of July parade. PCBA would be a unique member as we are neither business nor nonprofit. (Since we are not-for-profit, they’ve agreed to allow us to join at $135 annually.) Every member will get the e-mail. How will we know if it’s worth it for PCBA? Join for a quarter or 6 months and find out! Roxboro Chamber is not a member of the State or National Chamber partly because of cost and partly because of political positions. Membersl get a discounted fee for booth at Personality. Alicia shared copies of resource guides and a Roxboro map. Chamber is exploring a cooperative building for retail sales that would operate like an antique mall. Participants would pay a small monthly fee and share work at the counter.

ACTION. PCBA voted to join for a year and pay quarterly so decision can be reviewed quarterly. Amanda will pay dues and Lynn will provide e-mail addresses to Alicia. Members will explore ways (such as a sponsoring an information scavenger hunt through books donated to library that is announced only in Chamber newsletter) to measure the effectiveness of membership. Members will make an effort to attend Chamber events.

HIVE TALK. Whitney Barnes asked panel members to introduce themselves. Mac Blanks has five years experience of keeping bees with Amanda. They’ve had as many as 7 hives and are currently down to 3 on their 85-acre farm. He says his bees take care of themselves. Randall Austin has 11 years of experience and many enjoy his columns in the Bailey’s Bees monthly online newsletter. Lewis Cauble is in his 9th season of beekeeping and usually has between 20 and 30 hives. He moves soon to WNC to become their region’s Apiary Inspector for the State of NC. Todd Walker is in his 9th season and now down to 15 hives after a hard winter and a too-busy summer resulted in neglectful beekeeping, he says.

Calvin Boyd shared that he’d caught 4 swarms this year. How do you use queen excluder?  Use the queen excluder to keep the queen where I want her … but never below foundation because the bees aren’t motivated to move up. Mac is using the queen excluder to prepare for a split. In four days you’ll have eggs in one box and not in the other so you’ll know where your queen is. Others say it isn’t necessary to use a queen excluder before adding honey super IF there is already a band of honey on the brood frames. Randall suggested that turning an almost- flat queen excluder the wrong way may work just as well … allowing worker bees to move up the sides while queen normally stays near the middle of chamber. To strengthen hive for winter, consider moving queen downstairs, then add excluder and feed bees to build them up. When we have goldenrod/aster flow, you want bees around to work that flow. If you add a queen excluder in the fall, be sure to take it off in the fall too.

One member found queen cells along bottom and one in center. Problem? If they’re thinking about swarming this time of year, good riddance. It’s not unusual for package queen to be replaced within a month. My goal with a new package is 20 frames of drawn comb by the end of the season. When do I need to start feeding bees? When they need it. If the hive doesn’t have good heft to it by the end of October or first frost, you’ll need to start feeding. What about feeding pollen? If you want April bees in February (ie, for pollination contract), build up with pollen patties to get more baby bees. Why do bees accept queen when you re-queen? Often they replace her very quickly. Are multiple swarms unusual? No. The worker bees may sequester a queen to protect her for a second swarm. When do you know you’re screwed? Things don’t really happen all that quickly. If I don’t see eggs, but do see larvae, I don’t worry. Waiting is easier if you’re not doing this for living and you’ve got more than one hive.

Why are my bees killing larvae? Poor bee economy right now. They may be killing drones. They could also be hygienic bees, removing larvae that are Varroa-laden. Check your mite loads.

How soon to treat for Varroa? It’s too hot for most treatments now. Only ApiVar is not temperature-limited. Best choice is waiting for the temps to fall to levels at which your treatment of choice is effective.

What about Honey Bee Healthy? It’s expensive and not proven effective. I’d only use it if somebody gave me some.

Opinion of flow hives? A. Best marketing scheme ever. Wish I’d invented it … CAUTION. The marketing makes it sound like you don’t have to be a beekeeper and there’s still a LOT for beekeeper to do.

MINUTES. May minutes were approved as distributed on-line.

LIBRARY BOOK DONATION. Kathryn Barnes and Lynn Wilson presented a list of books about bees recommended for donation (previously shared online.) Lynn shared her concern about how to encourage USE of the donated books. E-mailed feed back from Chris Bradley suggested that we consider taking the observation hive to the library, and Renee Boone suggested that elementary school science classes might be good recipients of books. Randall Austin also brought a stack of books which he recommends. Maybe we could offer Library visitors a chance to be photographed with Todd all dressed up! ACTION. Lynn will check to see if Randall’s recommendations are in the Person Library and explore with everyone who is interested … how to increase circulation of books about bees.

ACTION. $175 was approved to purchase the recommended books.

POST OFFICE BOX. We have a new PCBA address: PO Box 3072, Roxboro, NC 27573.

FINANCIAL REPORT. Amanda Blanks reported a beginning bank balance of $5197.97, with income of $269 (PCBA membership and T-shirt/hat sales) and expenses of $822.80 (T-shirt purchases, cash, and speaker honorarium), leaving a bank balance of $4644.17 and a petty cash balance of $250 for an ending balance of $4894.17.

UPCOMING EVENTS- JULY PROGRAM. Whitney announced that Michele Warren, nurse and beekeeper, and Timberlake pharmacist Sara Biever will talk about Bee Allergies and Epi-Pens.

ACTION. Please contact Whitney …SPUD1296@charter.net… if you can help with 4-H Summer Fun Day, either Farmers’ Market on August National Honeybee Day or Personality Festival.

ACTION. Please contact Jim Hayward …foxlairfarm1@gmail.com… if you can help with a honeybee interpretive booth on his farm on September 26-27.

STATE FAIR-ACTION. E-mail Kim Buchanan if you can help with State Fair booth… kim@kimbuchanan.com

ACTION. Mary asked Lynn to do brief article about Lewis’s new post for Courier-Times and NCSBA newsletter.

REFRESHMENTS. Thanks to Eddie Burton and daughter for bringing refreshments.

ACTION. These members have offered to provide refreshments: July 16–Michele Mosco Warren, August 20–Mary Florence, September 17–___, October 15–Lynn Wilson, November 19–___ and Dec. 18 will be the Holiday Potluck. E-mail wilsonls@esinc.net if you would like to offer refreshments in September or November.

ATTENDANCE. 22 members signed in plus 3 guests. 73 current members includes 4 life members and 35 members who also joined NCSBA through PCBA.

Lynn S. Wilson

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