June 2014 Minutes

Date:  June 19, 2014
Location: Person County Office Building, Room 165

WELCOME.  Mary opened the meeting, introducing Christy Bond, Director of the Person County Library.  Explaining that funds for efforts to educate about honeybees come from local chapter fundraising and the NCSBA GAP award for best chapter of 2013, Mary presented Ms. Bond with  these books that PCBA is donating to the library:

  1. The Beekeeper’s Handbook
  2. Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture, 2nd Edition.
  3. Backyard Beekeeper – Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden.
  4. Honey: The Gourmet Medicine
  5. The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture: An Encyclopedia Pertaining to the Scientific and Piratical Culture of Honey Bees
  6. The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Super Organism
  7. Kendal, The Baker Bee
  8. First Lessons in Beekeeping (used in our annual Bee Class)
  9. Hive and The Honey Bee

Ms. Bond accepted with thanks noting that more and more people are coming to the library for information about sustainable farming and beekeeping is part of that.

Charity Silver, who is County Executive Director for the Farm Service Agency updated the group with news about emergency assistance for livestock losses, including honeybees, now available to producers as a result of the 2014 Farm Bill.  This program covers losses from disaster such as disease, adverse weather or other conditions, including losses because of colony collapse disorder or blizzards and wildfires not adequately covered by any other disaster program.    Losses must exceed normal losses which are estimated at 17-1/2 percent of colonies.  To apply, a producer must file an “acreage” report annually.

For honey producers, this program specifically targets losses of purchased feed, cost of additional honeybee feed purchased above normal quantities, colony losses, and hive losses. An eligible honey producer is a producer who has a receipts for honey sales and production expenses.   Eligible honeybees include bees housed in a managed hive and used for honey production, pollination, or honeybee breeding.

Ms. Silver provided a USDA Fact Sheet about Honeybee Assistance available at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/Internet/FSA_File/elap_honeybee_fact_sht.pdf For those not having a track record of honey sales, she encourages you to apply anyway and she’ll ask Raleigh office to determine eligibility.

MINUTES of the May meeting were approved as distributed by e-mail.

FINANCIAL REPORT.   Amanda reported a beginning balance of $4592.77 with income, from NCSBA and PCBA dues of $20.  Expenses of $292.25, included speaker’s expense for Lewis Cauble, dues forwarded to NCSBA and reimbursement to Mary Deitz for books donated to the Library.   The bank balance is $4317.52 and petty cash balance is $50 for a total of $4367.52.

JOURNEYMAN STUDY GROUP.  Lynn reported that six members attended the June Study Group.   Journeyman-candidates Lynn and Carol Carter are working as NC Zoo volunteers and Mary, from Timberlake, one of tonight’s guests, learned about tonight’s PCBA meeting via another NC Zoo Volunteer.

FUNDRAISING-SHIRTS.   Mac said that he can order different kinds of shirts and sweatshirts in different colors as long as we order at least 12 pieces.   He proposed and the group agreed that we add $5 to PCBA’s cost for each piece to raise funds for PCBA and that buyers’ pay half the cost upfront.  He shared a catalog showing available shirts and color choices.   Todd reminded folks that our logo will still show up best and help make group members more identifiable if we stick with our honey-colored shirts.

ACTION:  Mac will bring a sign up sheet for shirts/sweatshirts to the July meeting.  Options will include:   long-sleeved T-shirts, $15, zip sweatshirts, $30; hooded, pull-over sweatshirts, $25; and crew neck sweatshirts, $19.

FUNDRAISING-HONEY-OF-THE-MONTH.  The group confirmed that we would draw the winning raffle ticket at the November meeting so we’d have the maximum time to sell raffle tickets and so winner can use honey for Christmas presents if desired.   The e-mail address space is small but most folks provided phone number instead so no changes were made.   Asking for e-mail addresses also raises the obligation to develop and provide privacy policy.   However, the back of the ticket gives the holder the website address where they can sign up for the PCBA listserve if they wish and we can capture e-mail addresses that way.   Members who have agreed to donate honey include Todd, Jim, Cecil, and others.

ACTION:  Inge will print raffle tickets and bring to the July meeting for members to begin sales.

HONEY SALES.    Person County Farmers’ Market would like to have more honey for sale.   Some members charge $10 per pound; others charge $12.   Roxboro Southern States sold some honey at $6 for a pound-and-a-half.

ACTION:   Todd Walker, Ed Griffin, Mary Deitz and (maybe) Mac and Amanda Blanks Lynn Wilson and Shana Brandon have signed up to help with the 4-H Summer Fun Day.    Calvin Hester, Tim Harris, Kim Buchanan and daughter Gracie also volunteered to help.   Mary asks everyone to attend a May 29 planning meeting and she’ll let you know time and place soon.

ACTION:   Lynn will print bookplates with design acceptable to PCBA Exec Committee and do a follow-up news article to submit to the Courier-Times.

ACTION:   Mary will report on the GAP Bee Books, the presentation equipment Todd has purchased for PCBA, and possibly the 4-H Summer Fun event, at the NCSBA meeting July 10-12 at Wilkes Community College.  Sign up online today for the summer meeting!

STATE FAIR PCBA BOOTH.   Committee chair Kim Buchanan reported that this committee, of Bob Brauer, Shana Brandon, Carol Carter, Tom and Linda Savage, Michele Warren, Karen McEntee, Jeff Bartlett, and Larry Barnes, Todd Walker and Inge Kautzmann, met at her home several days ago and recommended a theme of “bee socialization” that include info about the waggle dance and pheromones with a “scent” box so fair-goers can smell the banana and lemongrass and learn what they mean.  They also want to include “beekeeper socialization” info and tie into social media with QR codes that provide more info about NCSBA and PCBA for example.

ACTION:   Kim will convene a second committee meeting in mid-July.

ACTION:   At the next meeting, Kim will ask members to sign up noting what “products of the hive” you will contribute for the booth.  She shared a 2013 handout describing different premiums that may be awarded in the “Bees and Honey” section available online at http://www.ncstatefair.org/2013/Competitions/documents/GeneralPremiumBook2013.pdf (2014 premium book will be available ONLY online after mid-July 2014.)

Kim is also pleased to report that Whitney Barnes is putting together a “How to do State Fair booth” booklet for PCBA and Bob is building a scale model of a bee that can be used in the booth and by PCBA for other community outreach efforts.

EXTRACTION DATE.   Thanks to Tom and Linda Savage for once again hosting the honey extraction field day at their farm.    They extracted their first honey at this year’s event.    18 people participated in dinner and extracted about 250 pounds of honey., using three extractors.   John Harrell donated his wax cappings to PCBA and Todd will filter it and re-form it into one-ounce blocks for use in cosmetics so let him know if you want to use some.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH.   Todd will provide a copy of Dr.  Ambrose’s form for PCBA members who are candidates for journeyman to use when reporting public service units.   Start keeping a record of your outreach efforts now!

OUTREACH-LIBRARY.   Amanda would like to include some samples of Person County honey in our August exhibit at the library so contact her at amandab51@charter.net if you can help.

OUTREACH-4-H SUMMER FUN-July 9,  9-12 (8 to 1 includes set up and pack up time).   Stations for as many as 20 students to move through need volunteers so individuals worked with Inge to make choices.   Todd Walker, Ed Griffin, Mary Deitz and (maybe) Mac and Amanda Blanks Lynn Wilson, Shana Brandon, Calvin Hester, Tim Harris, Kim Buchanan and daughter Gracey also volunteered to help.    Some parents may also be in the audience.

OUTREACH-PERSONALITY FESTIVAL-August 23, 10-3 (allow at least 45 minutes before and after for set-up and pack-up).  Jim Latimer agreed to be the ringleader, responsible for recruiting his helpers and getting tent, table and bee education equipment to the Festival.  The group agreed to pay $45 for a craft booth so honey and raffle tickets can be sold.

ACTION:   Jim Latimer will come back to PCBA with a recommendation about ordering extra PCBA T-shirts and hats to sell or items with a “bee-friendly” message.

OUTREACH-NATIONAL HONEYBEE DAY AT PC FARMERS’ MARKET-August 16.  Jim Hayward is the ringleader for this event.  Inge reported that the Raleigh celebration proposed by David Bailey will be organized by NCSBA at the State Farmers’ Market and they expect it to be adequately supported by Wake County beekeepers.

OUTREACH-GARDEN STUDY CLUB-September 10.   Lynn Wilson will make this presentation.

OUTREACH-SUCCESSES TO DATE.   Kolu and Inge presented to a Mount Zion Methodist senior group in April and and to a North End Elementary Class.  Todd has made presentations to Cameron Park and Oak Lake students.   Inge shared thank you notes from the North End students in which kids wrote about “their favorite parts” of the presentation, and “what I learned”.     Kolu, Inge, Lynn and Mary participated in the Person County Ag Day fair and Inge noted that each of our presentations was different.

TRAINING THE PRESENTERS.   Inge Kautzmann presented information on using the new PCBA projector and offered several suggestions for stations at 4-H Summer Fun event that could be modified for presentations to different age groups.   She encouraged everyone to refer requests for speakers to the Community Outreach Committee chair so the Club can stay aware of all outreach efforts.  She introduced several “kits” that could be used to provide visual aids and talking points for each presentation topic and asked 4-H Summer Fun volunteers to sign up tonight for the station for which they’d like to be responsible.   Gracey volunteered to read a story during the break time if needed.

USING THE PROJECTOR—WITHOUT COMPUTER.   Todd suggested that the easiest way to use the projector is to put the photos you want to share on a thumb drive and plug it into the projector … to eliminate the need for a computer.   An instruction sheet will stay with the project.    To create visuals with text, use your Powerpoint software and save individual slides on your thumb drive.

Open lens

Plug the projector into electrical outlet and power on.

Allow a few seconds for warm-up.

Plug in the thumb drive.

Use the remote to select photos and advance.

Hit “escape” on the remote to end.

TO PACK UP:   Unplug thumb drive, power off, remove cables and close lens.

WITH COMPUTER.  If you want to be able to record audio or present power point presentations, you’ll need to bring your computer.    Different cables are provided for use with different computers.

The equipment will remain in the care of the Outreach Chairperson for use in PCBA-sponsored outreach, so no rental policy is recommended.

PRESENTATION TOPIC IDEAS.   Products from the Hive, Importance of Pollination, Bee Stings (may be eliminated for the 5-8 year olds),  Honey Tasting (make sure you have enough honey…maybe two types for a taste test … Walmart or Local?   Bugles work for outdoor events, but popsicle-like sticks may work better indoors), Queens/Drones/Workers Quiz (Which one are you?), Beekeeper Equipment (presenter should use your own equipment), Bee Communications:  How they See and Smell and Waggle Dance (may be two different presentations).   Word search puzzles and coloring books can be a take-home item for young children.   A snack might be made with honey (provide recipe to take home).   What about a bee storytime if a rest break is needed?

Special for the 4-H Day, one station will be about Honey Extraction.  One frame of honey will be uncapped while the kids watch and thanks to David Bailey providing the little honey jars, each child will go home with honey.  (This station will take about 30 minutes at the 4-H Summer Fun Day but other stations will have only 15 minutes.)

USING THE OBSERVATION HIVE.   Exciting to kids so leave it til last.   You won’t want to get a frame from your hive (hopefully with brood, queen and food stores) unless weather is over 55 degrees.    You may put frame of bees in hive the night before and leave it in the house (not hot car).   Hive is vented, but bees shouldn’t be in it more than 24 hours.   Waiting til the last minute to find frame will create frustration.   Bring a flashlight to point to bees.  Keep the hive upright and out of the sun if it’s a hot day.

For most presentations, include some information about your experience as a beekeeper and about PCBA and its outreach efforts.

JULY PROGRAM.   Inge asks everyone to bring pictures of three best practices in your apiary or bring questions!

ACTION:   Inge will organize best practices into booklet by subject area for PCBA member use.

ANNOUNCEMENTS.      Thanks to Scott and Karen McEntee for June refreshments.

ACTION:   Michele Warren is planning next month’s refreshments and will take home a rubber-tub full of cups, etc. for monthly use to be passed forward to each month’s refreshment provider.

REPORT:   Cecil White reported that Berryhill Irrigation at Buffalo Junction, VA is now carrying bee equipment.

ACTION:  If you can help with October or November refreshments, e-mail wilsonls@esinc.net.

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY:   23 members and 3 guests.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED by Lynn S. Wilson,  June 21, 2014

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