June 2012 Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary Deitz passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Carol Carter motioned to pass and Tom Savage seconded. All approved, motion passed.

1951 Bee Movie
Kim Buchanan mentioned to the group that she found an old movie about bees online. Inge Kautzmann will post a link to the movie on the group’s list serve.

Community Events and Outreach
Ag Field Day – November 1st from 9am to 2pm – Mary mentioned the Ag Field Day and that we would be working with Tim Gentry to have a presence at the event. Additional details pending.

National Honey Bee Day – August 18th – Amanda Blanks mentioned the National Honey Bee Day and inquired if there was anything the club could do on that day. Mary Deitz suggested having a table at the farmer’s market and that she would look into it.

State Fair Booth
It was mentioned that we need to start thinking about booth ideas and other entries for the State Fair. Everyone was asked to think of ideas for the booth and present them at the next meeting.


Personality Event
A request for volunteers was made to the group. The following members volunteered to staff the booth on June 23rd. Mary Deitz, Todd Walker, Inge Kautzmann, Carol Carter, Donna Steen, Tom Savage, Linda Savage.

Snack Sign-up Sheet
A sign up sheet asking for volunteers to bring refreshments for meetings was distributed by Inge Kautzmann.

Field Day Events
September 22 or 29 – Wax Workshop – These are the proposed dates for a wax workshop. Tom and Linda Savage have offered to host the workshop at their home either date works for them. A final decision on the date will be made at the next meeting.


Bee Yard Updates and Inquiries
Inge Kautzmann shared that she had seen bees working the sap on the leaves of pecan trees.

Amanda Blanks inquired about when is the best time to take out the entrance reducer on new packages. Mary Deitz said that when it is this hot to go ahead an pull it.

Amanda also asked when you should stop feeding a new package. Todd Walker answered that you should feed until the wax is drawn out.

Lelia Gentry asked about the feeding ratio and Lewis Cauble replied that right now it should still be 1-1.

She also inquired about the bees needing ventilation when it is so hot. Todd mentioned that yes you can ventilate the top cover about an 1/8”.

Amanda Blanks asked how often you should look in the hive this time of year and Todd answered at least once a month.

Guest Speaker – Lewis Cauble – Do I Need a Queen?
Lewis spoke about the things you need to look for in your hive to determine if you need a queen or not. He began by mentioning the three things you must do when you think you might be in need of a queen.

Remain Calm
Assess the Situation
Practice Your Craft

Topics covered during his talk are as follows.

Reasons why you might NOT have a queen:
-Emergency – The queen has died, you may have killed her, she wandered off and she’s just gone

-Supersedure – This is the efficient manner in which the hive raises a new queen while the old one is still laying

-Inefficiency – The old queen is killed before the new one emerges. This means there is a period of time where there is no queen.

Lewis reviewed the timeline of a queen’s development to help illustrate how long you have and how you may just need to be patient in your assessment. Knowing when certain events happen in the hive can help you to determine how long you may have been without a queen.

Eggs in various stages can tell you when the queen last laid an egg.
1 day old egg is an egg that is standing straight up in the cell
2 day old egg is tilting down
3 day old egg is laying down

It takes 16 days for a queen to emerge from her cell. It takes another 7 to 10 days for her to mature a bit and complete her mating flights. This means that it takes around 26 days from egg to laying queen. Lewis mentioned that you can even wait a week after that and still be okay.

The overall message of Lewis’ talk was that most often when you think you need a queen you really don’t. At least not with the sense of urgency that many people approach a potentially queenless hive. Since it takes about a month to determine if you really need a queen, being patient in your assessment is the best way to practice your craft.

Treasurer, Donna Steen reported that there was currently $1,699.94 in the account.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 19th at 7pm. Our guest speaker will be Geneva Green and she will be talking about the history of beekeeping in North Carolina.

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