July 2015 Minutes

July 16, 2015
County Office-Auditorium

WELCOME.  Carol Carter welcomed the group and MINUTES of June meeting were approved as distributed by e-mail.

FINANCIAL REPORT.   Amanda Blanks recommended, and PCBA approved, payment to Lynn Wilson of $188.21 for PCBA’s donation of books to Person County Library.   Actual cost exceeded the $175 estimate because sources for some hardbacked books were substituted at the Library’s request.   Library books have been delivered and should be available by the end of July.  (A formal presentation is planned for September.)

Lynn recommended that PCBA purchase a rolling de-capper to add to the PCBA extractor kit and PCBA approved the purchase at $29.95 and Lynn will take it to Todd and Inge’s house.

Amanda reported a beginning bank balance of $4644.16, with income of $250 (PCBA membership, T-shirt/hat sales and $200 cash re-deposited) and expenses of $128.00 ($50 donation to HM Fire Dept for use of building during Bee School and PO Box rental of $78), leaving a bank balance of $4766.17, a petty cash balance of $50 and ending balance of $4816.17.   

FIELD DAY-HONEY EXTRACTION.   Lynn reported that 33 people attended, with Todd and Randall instructing.   The Burtons extracted their very first 3 frames, Nick and Kim extracted 7, and Lynn extracted 9 frames with a lot of help from members and grandchildren.   On behalf of these honey producers, Lynn donated 2 one-pound jars to the honey raffle. 

FUNDRAISER-HONEY RAFFLE.   Alan Justice,  Whitney/Larry Barnes have already donated 2 one-pound jars.  Jim Grant, Jim Hayward and John Harrell each offered 2 pounds each. 

UPCOMING-WAX WORKSHOP.   Planned for the Savages’ place on August 22.   Whitney proposed paying an instructor $70 to conduct the workshop ($45 more than we’d normally pay to help cover gas).    This instructor also offers other workshops like honey beverages (mead and more).    A local vendor, Make Mine Homemade, might also be available for later workshops.   Advance registration should be required to make sure we’re paying for teachers the group really wants.   Another option would be to charge members who participate $5-10 to cover cost.   In future we can consider offering “Cooking with Honey” and open workshops to the public and/or other bee clubs.    Whitney’s upcoming survey may help members learn about more options.

ACTION.  PCBA agreed to pay up to $100 for an instructor for the wax workshop in August.

STATE FAIR.   Competition guidelines are now posted.   Let Kim Buchanan know if you can help create PCBA’s 2015 State Fair booth.

NATIONAL HONEY BEE DAY at the Farmer’s Market on August 15.

ACTION.  Jim Hayward will take the lead;  Amanda will help.   PCBA members are strongly encouraged to bring your honey to sell.

PERSON COUNTY FARM TOUR-ACTION.  Please e-mail Jim Hayward foxlairfarm1@gmail.com if you can help with a honeybee interpretive booth on his farm on Sept 26-27.  Carol reported that Todd Walker will help.   Whitney will invite someone to share ideas about hive photography.

PERSONALITY FESTIVAL is coming up on August 28-29.  PCBA purchased a new tarp, and extra hats and T-shirts to sell, along with honey raffle tickets.   Let Whitney know if you can help.

NCSBA SUMMER MEETING REPORT.  PCBA members attending included Lewis Cauble, Tom and Linda Savage, Whitney and Larry Barnes and Kathryn, Lynn Wilson and Carol Carter.  Lynn forwarded notes by e-mail.  Congratulations to Geneva Green for earning Master Beekeeper, to Lynn Wilson elected Secretary, and Todd Walker elected as the Piedmont Region Director.

NCSBA voted to contribute up to $1000 to support a bid to bring the international Apimundia award to Minneapolis in 2019.   To encourage contributions, $500 of that amount will only be donated if matched by local chapters.

ACTION. PCBA voted to contribute $100 to this effort.

LEWIS CAUBLE is accepting the State Apiary Inspector position for WNC.   Thanks to Lewis for many contributions to PCBA programs and workshops … and congratulations!

More from summer meeting… google HOBOSphere to see new observation hive.   Carol shared new brochures designed by NCDA to enhance beekeeper-farmer communications as part of the newly-launched Pollinator Program.  Larry and Whitney signed up to get scales for two hives and participate in a hive weight data collection project. 

PCBA SECRETARY.   PCBA needs a new secretary for 2016.   If you can step up to this leadership position, talk to Lynn to find out more.

FLOW HIVE is here.   Thanks to Michael Tustin for bringing his just-received flow hive to the meeting to share with meeting attenders.

PROGRAM:  BEE ALLERGIES and EPI-PENS” was presented by nurse and beekeeper, Michele Warren and Timberlake pharmacist Sara Biever.  Stings introduce foreign proteins that induce production of allergy-causing antibodies.    Reactions to stings vary enormously from person to person.   From The Hive and The Honeybee,  Michele listed as normal, non-allergic reactions at the time of the sting:  pain, burning, itching, redness, swelling, and tenderness.

Normal, non-allergic reactions hours or days after the sting include:  itching, redness, swelling, and small brown or red damage spot at the puncture site.   Massive swelling around the sting site, increasing in size for 1-3 days and lasting up to a week is characterized as a large local reaction.   This reaction is not an allergic reaction but might require medical attention if the swelling is in throat or mouth and constricts air flow.  When hives, swelling, itching or redness occur remote from the sting site, this is called a cutaneous allergic reaction.  There is no evidence that these reactions progress to life-threatening reactions … unless swelling threatens airways.   Additional reactions may include minor respiratory symptoms, abdominal cramps or GI upset.  Antihistamines may provide relief.

Life-threatening systemic allergic reactions include shock, unconsciousness, hypotension or fainting, difficulty in breathing and massive swelling of the throat.  Medical attention is required.

An allergic reaction normally occurs after a SECOND sting separated by a period of time from a first sting to which only a local reaction has occurred.

Carol reported that she is allergic and has been receiving allergy shots over several years … now every six weeks and she hopes to eventually be able to stop taking them … though some people have to keep getting the shots.   She keeps both Benedryl and Epi-Pen in her bee box.

Sarah Biever talked about Auvi-Q and EPI-PEN (epinephrine) for managing anaphylaxis.  Have a plan, she says.   Use the Auvi-Q or Epi-Pen at the onset of severe symptoms.  Inject either in mid-thigh through your clothes and hold for 5 seconds.  The Auvi-Q device provides VOCAL instructions and counts down for you.   It hurts … but you’ll be able to breathe again.   

If you inject yourself (accidentally or otherwise) call 911 and get yourself to the hospital … and take the second Epi-Pen with you … you may need it.   20 percent of people need a second dose. Devices are available in both children’s and adult dosages, but they have not been tested in children who weigh under 33 pounds.    Doses after the second does should only be administered in the emergency room or urgent care.  Even if symptoms resolve, GO to the ER.

How you store it makes a difference in shelf-life.   With normal room temperature storage out of light and air, the devices should be stable for 12-16 months.   If the medicine changes in appearance (gets cloudy, etc) it needs to be replaced.   Be aware that the medication can result in some of the same symptoms as the bee sting. 

Talk with your primary care provider to decide if a prescription is advised.  Most insurance plans will cover the $400-plus-cost and coupons that will cover the co-pay cost are available online.  Members were invited to try the practice pens (needle-free!).

REFRESHMENTS.   Thanks to Michele and David Warren for bringing refreshments.

ACTION. On Aug. 20, Mary Florence offers refreshments.  For Oct.15, Lynn Wilson signed up.    E-mail wilsonls@esinc.net if you want to offer refreshments on Sept. 17 or Nov. 19.  Dec. 18 is the Holiday Potluck.

ATTENDANCE.   29 members signed in plus 2 guests.  74 current members includes 4 life members and 35 members who also joined NCSBA through PCBA. 

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED, Lynn S. Wilson                                     APPROVED 8/20/15

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