July 2014 Minutes

Date:  July 20, 2014
Location: Person County Office Building, Room 165

WELCOME.  Mary opened the meeting and recognized Todd Walker as Person County’s new Master Beekeeper.    She shared a thank you note from Christy Bond for the donation of books about bees to the Person County Library.

ACTION:   Tokso Pak volunteered to follow up on a request to remove bees from a building.

NCSBA.  Mary noted that Lynn shared a written report with the membership via e-mail.  Lynn summarized her report as excitement about the link between NCSBA and university research about beekeeping.   Examples of the strength of this connection are:  (1) Orange County Beekeepers Association’s donation of $2500 to the NCSU Apiary Research fund; and (2) the Citizen-Science Project which engages statewide beekeepers in measuring the effectiveness of various Varroa treatments.   (The deadline for the first reports is July 31 so join now if you have two hives.)  Lewis noted that PCBA was well-represented at the NCSBA meeting by Tom and Linda Savage, Lynn Wilson, Carol Carter, Mary Deitz (and himself).   Todd and Inge participated in the banquet so Todd could receive his Master Beekeeper award and Inge and Mary presented their report on the expenditure of the 2013 GAP award.

JOURNEYMAN STUDY GROUP.   Lynn reported three PCBA members passed the practical test and three took the written test.   Two passed the written test and one is still waiting for test to be scored.   Two study group members have declared their intent to take the test at the Spring NCSBA meeting.   Lynn’s objective in facilitating the group was to help more PCBA members gain confidence to be Bee Partners/Mentors to new beekeepers.  Time will tell!   The group plans to meet once more and tour the Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary in Floyd,  VA to learn about biodynamic beekeeping.

ACTION:   Donate now to support this nonprofit or e-mail wilsonls@esinc.net if you are interested in joining the trip to Spikenard Farm.

NCSU APIARY RESEARCH.   Lewis Cauble encouraged PCBA and individual members to donate funds to NCSU Apiary Research, perhaps 10 percent of your honey sales.  Perhaps the education you receive from PCBA helps you overwinter your colonies … so you can donate the amount you otherwise would have spent on new packages.   Todd said he donated funds from sale of his first case of honey.

TREASURY:  Amanda reported that our balance is $3605.71.

ACTION:  PCBA voted to donate $500 to NCSU Apiary Research and add this cause to annual budget and fundraising discussions.

ACTION:  Todd agreed to put a link on the website for personal donations directly to NCSU (which would be tax-deductible).

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE.   Mary asks members to give fundraising ideas to Mac.

ACTION:  Carol Carter and Calvin Hester joined the Fundraising Committee.

ACTION:  Todd Walker, John Harrell, Tom and Linda Savage, Calvin Hester, Tim Harris and Mary Deitz will donate two one-pound jars of honey each for the Honey of the Month raffle.

ACTION:   Honey-of-the-Month raffle tickets are now available.  Get yours today and start selling!

NOMINATING COMMITTEE.   Mary, Inge, and Lynn would like to step down from their officer’s roles.  Amanda is ready to continue as Treasurer for another year.   Mary asks potential leaders to step forward … “If you can put your heart in it.  It needs your heart.”

ACTION:   Mary appointed Amanda as Nominating Committee Chairperson to report to the November meeting with a proposed slate.  Carol agreed to serve on the Committee.

ACTION:   Members are asked to check the PCBA website for job descriptions for President, VP and Secretary and let Amanda know if you are willing to serve.

STATE FAIR COMMITTEE.   Kim says the group will meet again before the next meeting to do a mock-up and see what info is missing.

ACTION:   If you are on this committee, please let Kim know what date you can meet.

MINUTES:  (Minutes were approved sight unseen as it turns out.  Sorry!  We need to re-consider approval of June minutes at the August meeting.  Sorry!  lsw)

BEE DOWNTOWN. Carol reported on this lead from the NCSBA meeting.  She had just come from Fullsteam Brewery Beer with the Beekeeper for a new American Tobacco Campus (downtown Durham).  This debut event informed that 2 hives will be in downtown soon and by fall an observation hive will be installed at Burt’s Bees’ offices.    Their goal is to place a 100 hives in downtown Durham.

GUEST.   Todd recognized guest Johnathan Rose and his dad.  Johnathan said he went to the NC Zoo Bee Exhibit and decided he wants to become a beekeeper.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH.  Inge reported that 12 children and 12 PCBA volunteers participated.  Todd Walker, Ed Griffin, Mary Deitz, Lynn Wilson, Shana Brandon, Ed Griffin, Kim Buchanan, Michele Warren,  Calvin Hester, _____, ____ helped children at 9 different learning stations, “bee school” in 15-minute segments, include waggle dancing with Todd.  Honey extraction capped the event with bottles of honey for everyone to take home.

ACTION:  Inge and Jim will do a honeybee booth at the Farmer’s Market on July 20.

ACTION:  Jamie Latimer will be event facilitator for August 23 “Personality” festival in downtown Roxboro.  He needs 3 or 4 people for each of two shifts … a major opportunity to sell honey and raffle tickets!

PROGRAM.  BEST PRACTICES FOR PERSON COUNTY BEEKEEPING.  This excellent group discussion was facilitated by Inge, with questions referred to Master Beekeepers Lewis Cauble and Todd Walker.

ACTION:   Best Practices” discussion is TO BE CONTINUED at the August meeting.

ACTION:   Inge will organize best practices into booklet by subject area for PCBA member use.  (So I am NOT including that discussion in these minutes!)

FOR THE GOOD OF THE GROUP:   We interrupted the program early to celebrate Todd and Inge’s anticipation of the birth of their son.

ANNOUNCEMENTS.   Thanks to Michele and David Warren for providing Baby Shower refreshments!

ACTION:   Tokso Pak plans to bring August refreshments.

ACTION:  If you can help with October or November refreshments, e-mail wilsonls@esinc.net.

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY:   30 members and 2 guests.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED by Lynn S. Wilson,  July 21, 2014

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