July 2012 Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary Deitz passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Mac Blanks motioned to pass and Kim Buchanan seconded.  All approved, motion passed.

New Meeting Room for Club and School
Mary Deitz proposed that given our growing club and school size that we begin discussions with the County Office for a larger space. Mary will follow up with Derek Day.

GAP (Golden Achievement Program)
The Golden Achievement Program is organized by the state association. It is based on a point system where each club can accumulate points toward GAP recognition based on the types of activities they do and how they conduct themselves as a club. Inge Kautzmann suggested that we submit an application for this year and offered to head up this initiative.

Michele Warren proposed an idea for fundraising that she called Honey of the Month. The idea is to have club members donate jars of honey so that we have 12 to raffle off giving the winner a year’s worth of honey in 12 one pound jars. At the various types of events we participate in, we could sell raffle tickets for the honey. Everyone one thought it was a great idea, but that it should probably be tabled for next year. Geneva Green motioned to accept the fundraising idea for next year and Carol Carter seconded. All approved, motion passed.


Grafting Field Day
It was recommended at a previous meeting by Carol Carter that a Grafting Field Day be scheduled. It was decided by the group to table that event until next year.

Field Day Events
Wax Workshop – The wax workshop date was proposed for 9/22 at Tom and Linda Savage’s. Geneva Green motioned that the 22nd of September be confirmed, Mac Blanks seconded and all approved.

Community Events and Outreach
National Honey Bee Day – August 18th – All are in agreement that we should have a presence at the Saturday 8/18 Farmer’s Market, Mary Dietz will confirm our participation.

Ag Field Day – November 1st from 9am to 2pm – Mary confirmed the club’s participation in the Person County Ag Day. We will be partnering with Tim Gentry. The set up will need extra tables, 2 observation hives one provided by Tim and one that is the club’s with bees provided by Todd Walker. Lots of kids will be in attendance so coloring books with bee related topics are to be arranged. Setup is to be completed by 8:30am and the location is Huck Sansbury Park.

Farmer’s Market – The Farmers Market has special events the 2nd saturday of each month. These dates are as follows 8/11, 9/8, 10/13 and 11/10. Since we are already doing the National Honey Bee Day on 8/18 we will not participate on 8/11. Participation for the remaining dates has not been decided.

State Fair Booth
Entries – Inge Kautzmann will take care of the entries on behalf of the club. Anyone who will be entering as a single individual will still need to register on their own.

Booth Setup – Setup can be done anytime from 10/8 at 4pm to 10/10 at 1pm. It was recommended by Geneva Green that we setup on 10/8 to ensure a good booth spot.

Booth Ideas – Club members were asked to think about ideas for the state fair booth and bring them to the meeting for discussion. Geneva Green spoke in detail about her idea for the booth which is centered around Beekeeping Heritage in the State of NC. No other ideas were brought up for discussion so Mac motioned that we accept this proposal. Carol Carter seconded and all approved. The following are some of the things that were discussed for the Beekeeping Heritage theme.

  • Historical Items for the booth
    – Tim Gentry said he had a Skep he could provide for the booth
    – Calvin Boyd said he could recreate a version of his Grand Daddy’s bee box
    – Michele Warren said she and her husband would be interested in making a Gum Hive that could possibly be displayed as cross section
    – Geneva Green said that we could borrow some items from the state association
  • Posters
    – Geneva Green will be doing a plant poster that compares bee plants from the early 1900 hundreds to those plants of today
    – Inge Kautzmann will prepare a poster on beekeeping “then and now” with statistical info from the early 1900’s as it compares to today
  • Pictures
    It was asked of everyone in the club to begin looking for photos that could be included in the booth. It was recommended that we use our presence at the farmer’s market for National Honey Bee Day to solicit photos.
  • Beekeeping Stories
    – Calvin Boyd shared a story about using sulfer with his grandfather to rid the bees of the hive so they could harvest the honey. Kim Buchanan recommended that we have audio recordings of stories like this for playback at the booth with individual headsets. She suggested that someone bring a recorder to the next meeting to try and capture some of Calvin’s stories.
    – It was also suggested that there be a guest book available so people could write down their own stories about beekeeping while visiting our booth.


Bee Yard Updates and Inquiries
Kim Buchanan noticed that with the hot weather, the bees were lining up on her garden soaker hoses.

Leilani Sabin asked about how often we should be feeding bees right now. Mary Deitz stressed the importance of providing them with a water source and Geneva Green answered that any hives that are weak should be fed now.

It was asked of the group how to treat for wax moth problems organically. Randall Austin replied that the best way to manage for wax moths is to have healthy bees. A strong hive can usually take care of wax moths. It was also mentioned that you can freeze the frames to kill them.

Guest Speaker – Geneva Green – History of Beekeeping
Geneva gave a talk on the history of beekeeping noting that the earliest foraging for honey has been depicted in cave paintings with the Egyptians being among the first to do this. She also spoke about the use of Skeps and how they are still used in some parts of the world.

Significant dates in reference to beekeeping technology are as follows

1851 – Removable Frames

1857 – Wax Foundation

1865 – Extractors

1873 – Smokers

In 1622 the 1st bees (the German Black Bee) were brought over from Europe to a colony in Virginia.

She also discussed Bee Lining and shared with us an apparatus that was used for this method of locating bees. According to her research a bee returning to the box in 5.2 minutes would have traveled 1/4 mile and in 11.6 minutes would have traveled 1 mile.

State Meeting Updates and Club Attendees

Mary Deitz mentioned the state meeting that was held earlier in the month and asked those that attended to give some updates.  Attendees at the meeting were – Inge Kautzmann, Todd Walker, Geneva Green, Lewis Cauble, Tom Savage, Linda Savage, Donna Steen, Michele Warren, Randall Austin. Club award winners were – Todd Walker 3rd place for amber honey, John Harrell 1st place for chunk honey and Lewis Cauble 2nd place for his cinnamon roll entry in the cooking with honey competition.

Tractor Supply Opening
Calvin Boyd mentioned that the new Tractor Supply location in Roxboro has a magazine on bees and cooking with honey. Tom and Linda Savage mentioned that they have once a month events and will be looking into the club participating.

Special thanks to Mac and Amanda Blanks for providing refreshments.

No treasurer’s report was given.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  August 16th at 7pm. Our guest speaker will be Todd Walker and he will be talking about getting ready for winter.

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