July 2011 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
There were no meeting minutes presented for approval from the previous meeting.

Summer NCSBA State meeting competition winners
President Mary Deitz mentioned that both Todd Walker and Lewis Cauble won awards for their honey submissions at the state meeting.


State Fair Booth
Discussion continued about the approved state fair booth idea “Plant to Plate, How Bees Impact What We Eat”. Booth layout was discussed by Inge and Geneva and a list of needs and assigned duties were determined as follows.

The following individuals are to collect information and graphics for a poster that will be created on each topic. This information will be given to Inge for final layout and production. The deadline for this information is the September meeting on 9/15/11.

Plant to Plate – Geneva Green
Nectar Collection and Honey Production – Calvin Hester
Honey Extraction – Ron Hannemon
Pollination (commercial) – Tom and Linda Savage
Pollen – Mary Deitz
Beeswax – Mary Deitz
Community Outreach (Heifer International) – Donna Steen

Booth Items for Display
The following items are to be collected and will be used in the display

Item Person Responsible
Frame of capped honey (this is dependent on whether or not we can borrow or buy a display frame) Todd Walker
Frame of drawn comb (this is dependent on whether or not we can borrow or buy a display frame) Todd Walker
Cornucopia Mary Deitz
Fruits and veggies for cornucopia Geneva Green and Inge Kautzmann
Taper candle sticks Geneva Green
Candle holders x2 Geneva Green
Table Settings x4 Inge Kautzmann
Pollen Trap and collected pollen Inge Kautzmann
Extractor (still under discussion). Members of the group said that an Ed Johnson had a small 2 frame extractor Mary Deitz
Hot Knife, regular knife and capping scratcher with old frame Inge Kautzmann and Mary Deitz
Photos of food for table settings Todd Walker
Mead bottles Geneva Green and Inge Kautzmann
Menus Inge Kautzmann
List of pollinated veggies and fruits for cornucopia Inge Kautzmann
Banner (design options to be presented to the group for approval) Todd Walker
Flower Vase x2 Inge Kautzmann
Flowers for vase ???
Hive with one deep and either one medium or shallow with top and bottom for display to illustrate the community outreach ???

The presented booth idea will allow for various types of entries for competition, primarily wax products and honey. All are encouraged to enter.

This brought up the discussion of the club needing an observation hive for educational presentations. Todd Walker will research the cost and report back to the group for final budget approval.


NCSBA Summer Meeting Synopsis
Geneva Green attended the NCSBA summer meeting at Elon University and gave a synopsis of the various speaker topics. You can find a detailed overview of these events on the OCBA website at: http://theocba.org/resources/ncsba-summer-meeting-topics

The topics included:
Pesticides and Bees
Honey Production
Queen Rearing: Pheromones and Re-Queening
Bee Sting Immunology

She also mentioned the types of workshops offered and encouraged those in the group to attend next year.

Getting Ready for Winter
Todd Walker, gave a presentation on getting ready for the Winter. This is something that we need to be thinking about now if we want to create a healthy environment for the bees who will be feeding the bees that overwinter. The primary focus is on the health of your hive, the quality and quantity of the hive’s resources and the health and production of the queen.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  August 18th at 7pm. The guest speaker will be Dick Rogers, Principal Scientist/Entomologist/Apiologist at Bayer Crop Science. He will be talking about the various types of studies he is involved with.

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