January 2017

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes January 19,2017; 7:00pm

County Office Auditorium


*Robert Brauer was unable to be with us. James Latimer welcomed everyone to the meeting.

James Latimer

*He explained Bee School vs. our regular business meeting. If you registered for Bee School then your fees includes one year membership for PCBA.
He spoke about the List Serve.
Then introduced the new secretary, the treasure, head of fundraising and a few other members to the bee school.


Amanda Blanks

December 2016

Beginning balance: $4,493.90

Income Total:$539.00,  Expenses:$530.69,

Bank Balance:$4,502,21

January 2107

Beginning balance: $4,502,21

Income Total: $1,602.97

*Bee School: $1,356.97

*State Fair Prize Money:$246.00;
– Salad dressing-2nd($5.00), Display Booth-1st($150.00),

One Gift Package of Bee Products-5th($8.00),
Observation Hive w/Bees-2nd($40.00), Muffins-4th($4.00), Novelty Items w/

Beeswax-5th($6.00), Pure Beeswax Product Display-3rd($10.00)
Comb for Extracting-2nd($15.00), Display 12 Nectar Products-4th($8.00)

Expenses: $530.69

Bank Balance: $6,075.62
*Please see Amanda for your NCSBA cards if you paid your dues and not received yours yet.

Mary Ann Rich
*At the end of the meeting James Latimer requested approval of the October, and November meeting minutes. Motion was made and passed to approve minutes.
There are no minutes for December 2016. We had a pot luck dinner and played Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.

Mac Blanks
*He informed everyone about our yearly fundraisers; t-shirt and hats sell, and the Honey for a Year Raffle.
If anyone has other ideas for fundraising please see Mac.


Lynn Wilson
*Veterans Garden: She is keeping an eye on watering the plants. If you are able to help water please contact Lynn. She will also need volunteers to plant new ones when the time comes.


*James Latimer introduced Todd Walker for the start of the 2017 Bee School.
*17 PCBA Members attending the meeting not including Bee School. We will start counting them when Bee school ends

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