January 2012 Executive Meeting Minutes


Division of Treasurer Duties
Donna Steen submitted a proposal for the division of treasurer duties. Those duties are as follows and will act as a revision to the By Laws for the calendar year 2012 to be revisited in 2013.

Calvin Hester

  • Will be responsible for the cash box and checkbook (cash box to also include financial papers such as bank statements, deposit slips, receipts of purchase and reimbursement forms
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Issue checks and record them in the check register
  • Issue cash reimbursements making sure receipts are collected and a reimbursement form is filled out
  • Record all deposits in the check register and provide Inge with membership forms once payment is recorded for the purpose of updating the membership list.
  • Deposit all funds the week they are collected (cash and checks)
  • Manage the cash box with a $50 petty cash base at all times.

Donna Steen

  • Keep the financial notebook (including all relevant paperwork)
  • Assist in writing receipts for incoming funds for the club
  • Reconcile the cash box receipt book including all income and all expenses paid out of cash box
  • Maintain a spreadsheet of financial activities including a general ledger with individual accounts showing income expenses and balances (ie: Bee School expenses and income)
  • Keep backups of the financial spreadsheet and include a hardcopy in the cash box
  • Prepare a monthly financial statement to be submitted to the President

Inge Kautzmann

  • Maintain a bee school roster and overall club membership list that tracks current members (county and state)
  • Membership list to be updated as new and renewing members pay dues
  • Return membership forms to Calvin for filing in the cash box
  • Provide revised up-to-date list to officers

It was discussed and decided that committees need to be developed for the various events the club will participate in this year such as Personality and the State Fair. Committee development will begin after the completion of the bee school during the April Meeting.

In a effort to raise money and solicit orders from the new members attending bee school, Todd Walker will create order forms that will be issued at the next class meeting on 2/2/12. All Offers should wear their T-shirts to the next meeting to help promote sales.

Field Days
Bee School Apiary Tour
Instead of administering the practical to everyone, only those who have passed the written and who have kept bees for a year will be allowed to take the practical (assuming the Master Bee Keeper program is re-instated see item below). To give bee school students an opportunity for a more intimate experience with the hives, students will be broken up into small groups of about 5 each, vs one large group demo. These smaller groups will be guided through a mock hive inspection by more experienced bee keepers in the club. This list of volunteers to lead the hive inspections will need to be developed.

Splits Workshop
It was decided that a split workshop would be arranged sometime in late April or May. Todd Walker will finalize these arrangements with Lewis Cauble.

Hiving A Package
The hope for this workshop is to ask for volunteers from the bee school who will be getting packages this year to host the field day at their bee yard. The volunteer selected should be someone who has arranged to receive their packages early so that others can learn from the experience before getting their own package. Todd will bring this up during the Getting Started class.

Honey Extraction Workshop
Tom and Linda Savage will be approached by Todd Walker and/or Lewis Cauble to host a honey extraction workshop at their house. Lewis Cauble suggested that members in the club could assist in helping them with their bees this year to ensure good honey production for this event.

Master Beekeeper Program
With the Master Beekeeper Program on hiatus it is not certain if we will be able to offer the written test or practical for Certification. Todd is waiting to hear back from NCSBA President Danny Jaynes on the status of the program.  An announcement to the Bee School members about the opportunity to take the written test will be postponed until we know more.

Mary Deitz brought up the need to have a direct link on the PCBA website to NCSBA’s site. Todd Walker said he would take care of this.

Google Maps
Lewis Cauble has developed a Google Maps for OCBA that logs where beekeepers have hives in the area as well as those who would be interested in mentoring.  It was decided that a notice to PCBA members would be sent so that they could also participate and log their bee yards on the map. Todd Walker will send this info out to the PCBA list serve.

Bee School Budget
A budget for field day prizes and food was discussed. Inge reported that last year these expenses totaled $257.48. Mary proposed a budget of $250 to $300 and stated that with the T-shirt orders we could probably fund that amount.

Asset Inventory
Mary Deitz stated the need for an asset inventory and asked Todd Walker to handle that. He agreed. This will provide us with the means to track not only what the club owns but who is currently in possession of the item(s).

Mary requested that Inge provide her with a list of those who have signed up on the email list serve.


Todd Walker proposed that Executive Meetings should occur regularly and suggested every other month. Whether that is before or after the regularly scheduled monthy meetings was not yet decided. This timing would make the next meeting March 15, 2012. Time and place to be determined. Subsequent meeting schedule as follows:

May 17th
July 19th
September 20th
November 15th

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