February 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association
Minutes: February 15,2018; 7:00pm
County Office Auditorium

President Report
Robert Brauer
*Welcome to all
*Class #4 Reminder of Field day Feb. 17,2018
March Spring NC State Conferance
Invites for PCBA Google Group will be sent out to bee school members.All members are encouraged to become part of the Google Group as this is the primary means of communicating all club information. The list serve is no longer used.

James Latimer
* We will start HIVE TALK at the end of our meeting., August we are planning movie night again, Check out the library display about the Honey Bee and PCBA.

Financial Report
Amanda Blanks
*Submitted February 15,2018 Beginning balance: $7,032.07
Income Total: $325.00
Expenses: $180.00
Bank Balance: $7,227.07

**The club received money from NC State Fair Entries in January
NC State Fair total: $208.00
-1st place-Display Pure beeswax Prod. $15.00; -1st. place-Display-Novelty Items $15.00; -2nd place-3 Jars,14oz. extracted $10.00 -4th place Club Display Booth $70.00 -3rd place homemade hive $5.00 -2nd place cookies $5.00 -4th place snack foods $3.00 – 3rd place cosmetic items w/beeswax $10.00 -4th Novelty items w/beeswax $8.00 -1st place extracted honey display $50.00 -4th place rolls,pecan/cinn. w/honey $4.00 -4th place Beekeeping coloring book $8.00
* Renewal process continues for 2018 State $15.00 and County $5.00, Bee school members have already paid for the county club dues, If you plan to take the test at the end of Bee School you need to be a NCSBA member.

Secretary Report
Mary Ann Rich
November meeting minutes; 1st Mac Blanks, 2nd Christine Maszkiewicz minutes were approved.
See Mary Ann Rich to sign up for meeting refreshments, food and drink.

Mac Blanks
Gold T-shirts for club functions;$15.00 for shirts, $12.00 for hats, gave an explanation of Honey for a Year raffle
Community SERVICES
Whitney Barnes
* Let Whitney know of businesses, school groups or organization that would like to learn more about honeybees.
state Fair
*We are looking for a 2018 State Fair booth chair person. Please see Bob Brauer if you are interested.

Veterans Garden
*Stan Mortan will be taking over as coordinator for the garden. He will evaluate what needs to happen in the Spring to spruce up the garden. Parks and Recreation will be teaming up to help, Will send out possible times to clean garden through Google Groups email.
**HUGE THANK YOU to Lynn Wilson for all she has done for the garden over the last year!! **
Guest Speaker Fees
*the fee paid will be $50.00, Club members/state apiary employees are not eligible to receive fees, If multiple speakers are involved in presenting the topic one fee will be provided to be divided between the speakers, Exceptions if required will be reviewed by executive Committee, Speaker fees for Bee School will be administered separately by class coordinator.
1st by Lynn Wilson, 2nd by Larry Barnes, Motion approved by the club.

GUEST SPEAKER: Randall Austin, Hive Equipment

REFRESHMENTS: no refreshments
DOOR PRIZES: 2 door prizes where raffled off tonight donated by Lynn Wilson, Pam and Deborah from Bee School won

*21 PCBA Members attending the meeting
* Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich

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