February 2017

Person County Beekeepers Association
Minutes February 16,2017; 7:00pm
County Office Auditorium

President Report:
*Robert Brauer
NCSBA has asked each chapter to nominate a beekeeper that stands out. Selected ones will be featured in Bee Buzz later this year.
-Our chapter voted to nominate Tim Gentry and his wife; Will Hicks spoke to Tim and he has excepted the nomination. We will also submit Todd Walker and Inge Kautzmann.
– Honorable Mention: Lynn Wilson, Barnes Family, and Randall Austin
James Latimer
*He made a suggestion to appoint a coordinator for the GAP going forward; possibly an officer.He is currently assisting in finding documents.
*He is also lining up guest presenters for our meetings. If you have ideas please contact Jamie.
Financial report
Amanda Blanks
Feb.16,2016 Beginning balance: $6,075.62
Income Total: $915.00
Expenses: $240.00
Bank Balance: $6,800.62
*Bee School students who are planning to take the test need to join the NCBA. See Amanda or go to the website
*Library Display goes up Aug.1 to Aug.31,2017- Lots of materials about bees.
*Please see Amanda for your NCSBA cards if you paid your dues and not received yours yet.
Secretary report
Mary Ann Rich
*James Latimer made motion to approve January minutes, Mac Blank 2nd. Minutes were approved!
Fundraising report
Mac Blanks
*long/short sleeve shirt $15.00, Hats; structured/unstructured $12.00,
* Cecil Hester made motion to purchase 24 t-shirts and 12 hats for inventory, James Latimer 2nd. Motion was approved!
If anyone has other ideas for fundraising please see Mac.
Community outreach
Lynn Wilson
*Veteran’s Garden: The garden is now registered on The Butterfly Highway and there is a sign. Lynn is waiting for veterans to tell her where to place the sign.
*She read a letter from Richard N. Overgard Sr., Colonel, US Army Retired, Roxboro sharing his feeling about the Veteran’s Garden. This was posted in the Roxboro Courier-Times.
NEW BUSINESS: see president report
Lynn Wilson
*An award for high performance. This is a monetary award and our chapter earned it 3 years ago.
*Robert Brauer introduced Will Hicks to speak about Getting Started (class#5).
*15 PCBA Members attending the meeting and one guest speaker, not including Bee School. We will start counting them when Bee school ends

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