February 2013 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association
Date:  February 21, 2013
Location: Person County Office Building, Room 165

Mary welcomed a roomful and noted that January Minutes were distributed by e-mail.  Cecil moved that Minutes be approved as distributed, Tom seconded and Minutes were approved.

Mary noted that PCBA is involved in several community outreach efforts and asked bee school participants who are new members to call her if you can help.   Todd circulated a list so persons interested in a PCBA T-shirt ($15) can sign up.

Lots of light green pollen from RED MAPLES coming into hives.  (See http://en.wikipedia.orgwiki/ Pollen_source.)  Todd

Dead bees in front of hive may mean CHILL BROOD…Todd and Geneva

Unprecedented sighting of SMALL HIVE BEETLES in February…Cecil
SOLUTION:  Use corrugated plastic (recycle election signs) strips on top of frames to trap beetles, then dump them out into soapy water.

Unidentified object at tail end of worker bee (not voiding!) …LAYING WORKER?…Lelia
PROBLEM:   How to always have a camera with you at hive inspections!

SWARMS are most common between April 12 and 25.  Cecil
SOLUTION:  Give bees more space or do a split (when queens are available).  Mary also suggested keeping a cardboard box nuc to catch swarms.

Program presented by Geneva Green (with a nod to Nancy Ruppert, Apiary Inspector for the South Central NC, who will present at an upcoming PCBA meeting. )  Geneva focused on the ways little attitude changes about mowing and weeds (even biden and poison ivy!) and a little knowledge about what bees like to forage for pollen and nectar can result in more, diverse nutrition for bees.  Feeding bees becomes even more important for certain life-cycle events like drawing out foundation, stimulating spring brood-laying and winter bee rearing.

Pollen fidelity means that beekeepers can produce varietal honeys like blueberry, clover, sourwood, wildflower and buckwheat that command higher prices.  Bike around to see what’s available within 3 miles of the hives (closer is better!) and plant bee-food landscapes.   Red maples, elms and First-Breath-of-Spring (Lonicera), red dead nettle and henbit are blooming nearby right now.

INSTALLING A NEW PACKAGE DEMO … when new packages are delivered at Bailey Bee Supply, Hillsborough.

SPLITS DEMO…probably on Saturday May 18.

NEXT PCBA MEETING..  is March 21 at 7 PM in Room 165 at the Person County Office Building and coincides with final Bee School summary and QA.

Lynn S. Wilson

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