December 2010 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Inge motioned to have the minutes from the 11/18/10 PCBA meeting approved,  Stan Slaughter seconded the motion and it was approved by all.

Mary motioned to have the Bylaws presented at the 11/18/10 meeting approved,  Geneva Green seconded the motion and it was approved by all.  A signed copy of the Bylaws will be obtained and kept in the official records by the Secretary.  A copy will be placed on the PCBA website by Todd Walker.


Bee School Update
Todd Waker, in charge of setting up the bee school gave starting (1/6/11) and ending (3/10/11) times to the group. Inge Kautzmann gave an advertising update regarding the school stating that the school info was now listed on the NCSBA site. There were also to be two newspaper announcements one of which already occurred on 12/8/10 and another announcement to be listed on 12/29/10. Carl Cantaluppi is set to announce the bee school several times on his local radio show ‘The Gardener’s Corner’.

Todd created flyers for the bee school. These were distributed to the group for each member to place them about their communities to help promote the bee school.

Membership forms were distributed and fees collected for both the annual club membership and the bee school.

Contact list
It was proposed by Mary that a contact list be created and given to the members so they could communicate with one another outside of meetings. There were no objections to the information being distributed among members and all approved. Inge will create a contact list and distribute.


Spring and Summer Meetings
Lewis Cauble gave details about the Spring and Summer NCSBA meetings and recommended attendance at both. For the Summer meeting he said you could enter honey and wax competitions where placing in one or both is a requirement for the Master Beekeeper Program. The spring meeting is on March 4 & 5 in Dallas NC. For more details check out the NCSBA website at:

This being our annual December PotLuck meeting there were no other meeting topics discussed formally. The food was great and the company was even better!


Because of the bee school our next official meeting  will not take place until after the school concludes. The next meeting date will be the 3rd Thursday in March, the 17th.

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