August 2014 Minutes

Date: August 21, 2014
Location: Person County Office Building, Room 165

WELCOME. Amanda Blanks opened the meeting by recognizing new members Bob and Cheryl Torrence who join us tonight. Lewis announced that Todd and Inge’s baby Calvin Ray Walker was born last night. The family is doing well and Lewis shared a photo.

MINUTES: Minutes of June and July meetings were approved as distributed by e-mail.

ACTION: Let Lynn know at if you did not receive e-mailed Minutes.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Amanda reported that she and Carol are still looking for nominees for President and Chairmen of Outreach and Fundraising Committees. Amanda and Lynn agree to continue as Treasurer and Secretary for another year. One member has agreed to serve as Vice President if elected and supported by PCBA members with program ideas.

ACTION: Contact Amanda at or Carol at if you can serve as a PCBA officer in 2015.

NCSU APIARY RESEARCH. Amanda reported that she has mailed a $500 check to NCSU Apiary Research pursuant to PCBA’s July decision. A thank you note from David Tarpy will be filed in the PCBA Correspondence File (Secretary).

TREASURY: Amanda reported a balance of $3122.71, after income of $67 and expenses of $550.

FUNDRAISING. Mac says Personality Festival was single best source of raffle ticket sales last year so come and sell tickets on Aug. 23. His goal is for every member to buy OR SELL at least $10 worth of tickets. $125 worth of tickets have already been sold. He’s received the minimum orders for fall long-sleeve T-shirts/sweatshirts, but will postpone ordering until Sept. 2. There are several colors and styles including zip-ups and hoodies so he passed order form around. He plans to bring your apparel purchases to the September PCBA meeting.

ACTION: Contact Mac Blanks at to order fall PCBA shirts BEFORE Sept 2.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-PERSONALITY: Jamie reported that Carol and Bob are helping with the upcoming Personality Festival. All help is welcomed. Last year’s Festival participants were very disappointed to find no honey at our booth.

ACTION. Bring honey to Personality Festival in Roxboro, Aug. 23, and stay to sell your honey and raffle tickets.

ACTION. Tom and Linda Savage will bring PCBA display materials and observation hive from Personality to Lynn for her presentation with Mary at the Roxboro Garden Club on Sept. 10.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH-FARMERS’ MARKET. Carol Carter reported that Person County Farmers’ Market was not well-attended on National Honeybee Day but a few raffle tickets and some honey were sold. Market attendance is greatly variable and Jim Hayward’s previous booth for PCBA was better attended and resulting in some honey and raffle ticket sales.

ACTION: Consider setting up a PCBA booth at the other Farmers’ Market on Depot Street.

ACTION: Kim Buchanan said that Tina Barbour, a local crafter who sells at the Person County Farmers’ Market would like to use local wax so contact Tina via her Etsy website if you have wax to sell …

ACTION: Consider doing a PCBA booth at Tractor Supply this spring to promote planting bee-friendly flowers. Call Tractor Supply to make sure bee-friendly flowers are in their inventory!

COMMUNITY OUTREACH–LIBRARY. Lynn shared a photo of Amanda’s PCBA exhibit at the library which will be up for the month of August. Amanda spoke with Svetlana Brooks (who had seen the exhibit) to explain that all NC Piedmont beekeepers feed sugar syrup when nectar’s scarce.

ACTION: Contact Svetlana at if you have honey to sell in bulk.

STATE FAIR COMMITTEE. Kim says the group met on Tuesday night this week and developed a new theme that pays tribute to worker bees…”Woman’s Work is Never Done” with a “Honey Do” list. Bob Brauer’s model bee and Larry Barnes’ scent boxes that look like hives were displayed. Kim thanked incredible committee members for bringing together a mock-up and efforts to make the booth as “interactive” as possible (ie, lift lids on scent boxes and smell bananas, or lemongrass or limburger cheese?).

ACTION: If you can share an item for the hive products shelf, please let Kim know. The PCBA booth can include an item in each category that’s judged … from amber honey to photos. The committee especially needs good photos of bees at work. If submitted as part of the booth, PCBA earns any prize money awarded.

ACTION: Attend the September 20 wax workshop at noon at Tom and Linda Savage’s home to help make wax products for the PCBA State Fair booth.

PROGRAM. BEST PRACTICES FOR PERSON COUNTY BEEKEEPING. This continuation was facilitated by Master Beekeeper Lewis Cauble.

ACTION: Inge will organize this “best practices” discussion into a booklet by subject area for PCBA members.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Thanks to Tokso Pak for delicious August refreshments!

ACTION: Tom and Linda Savage plan to bring September refreshments.

ACTION: If you can help with October or November refreshments, e-mail

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: 27 members (78 people paid 2014 dues of whom 36 also joined NCSBA via PCBA and 43 participated in 2014 bee school).

by Lynn S. Wilson
August 22, 2014

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