August 2012 Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes from previous meeting were not submitted. Inge Kautzmann will have two sets of minutes for approval next month.


Community Events and Outreach
National Honey Bee Day – August 18th – Volunteers were asked to help with the booth. It was confirmed that those who wanted to could sell honey. Location is booth space #7. Tom and Linda volunteered to provide tables. Carol Carter, Donna Steen, Mac and Amanda Blanks, Kim Buchanan and Nick Bungato all volunteered to help staff the booth.


Guest Speaker – Todd  Walker – Getting Ready for Winter
Todd spoke about the things you need to be looking at now in order to prepare for winter. The most important is to assess the overall health of your hive(s).  The three primary resources you’ll need to assess are the bees (their health), honey and pollen stores.

Varroa Threshold Numbers
Sugar Shake Test: 10-15 mites per 300 bees is a problem that needs addressing
Sticky Board Test: 150 mites per 24 hour period is a problem

Each individual will need to decide for themselves what course of action they’ll need to take if the mite counts are above these thresholds.

Feeding – As we head into fall it may become necessary (based on your assessment of the hive’s resources) to feed your bees. You want the bees raising the bees that go into winter to be healthy so they can in turn raise healthy bees. In our area, around mid September is a good time to start feeding. Sugar water in a 1:1 ratio and if you feed pollen be careful to feed only what the bees need. Small Hive Beetles love pollen and feeding too much can cause their numbers to increase beyond what the decreasing population in the hive can manage.

Take Your Losses in Fall – combine your small and/or weak hives with large health hives.

Queen Health – Some people re-queen every year which can help in managing the health of your bees.


  • Less chance of swarming
  • A strong queen means strong population
  • Breaks the brood cycle


  • Difficult to find Queen
  • Harder to work the hive
  • Less chance to assess her abilities

Special thanks to Kim Buchanan and Nick Bungato for providing refreshments.

No treasurer’s report was given.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  September 20th at 7pm. In preparation for our wax workshop on the 22nd we will be conducting a wax mold making demo.

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