August 2011 Meeting Minutes


Previous Meeting Minutes
Mary passed out copies and requested approval for last month’s meeting minutes, Mac Blanks motioned to pass and Geneva Green seconded.  All approved, motion passed.

Meeting Space
We were notified at the start of the meeting that due to the new security system installed in the building we were going to have to find another place to hold our meetings. Mary Deitz said she would look into it and Donna Steen offered to hold the next meeting at her house if we had not found a space.

Personality Festival
It was brought up that the festival was happening soon and did we have any plans to participate. With the festival coming up so soon (August 26-27) it was decided that we would look to next year to try and have a booth at the event.

Donating Hives to Heifer International
Outreach is one of the areas we are looking to highlight in our state fair booth. With that in mind Donna Steen did research and brought information to the meeting about the Heifer International organization. By a first motion from Carol Carter, a second from Geneva Green and all in agreement it was decided that the club would pass around a collection plate to see how much we could raise toward this effort. A total of $130 was collected and to round out the number of hives donated to 5 at $30 each the remaining $20 would be covered by PCBA for a total of $150. Treasurer Calvin Hester would drop off a check to Inge Kautzmann for submission of the official application.

State Fair Volunteer List
The need for a volunteer list for the fair was mentioned. Inge offered that Todd Walker would bring this information to the next meeting.

State Fair Entries
Inge will take care of the PCBA fair entries for the booth and other submissions.


State Sair Booth
The booth display was reviewed again and the list of needed booth display items was discussed. The need for a display hive (empty) was brought up to illustrate the Heifer International donation and outreach efforts. Geneva Green and Calvin Boyd said they could help with this.

Having a place to provide Heifer International flyers for the public was also mentioned. Inge will review their website for materials that can be used for this purpose, she will also research what we can use on the fence barrier for a way to have people take a flyer if interested.


Queen Rearing 101
Due to our scheduled speaker needing to cancel, Lewis Cauble gave a queen rearing overview. He talked about and showed to the group some of the tools needed for queen rearing (according to the Doolittle Method) such as queen cups, a grafting tool and a cell pulling frame. He discussed the fact that in order to raise queens you need bees and recommended starting out with a ‘buddy system’ where two of you work together pooling your resources.

As an example he said that in order to attempt to raise 5 queens you would need one cell builder colony (with the right population and age of bees, ie nurse bees) and 5 small hives for the queen to mate in.

Some books Lewis recommended were:
Successful Queen Rearing – Marla Spivak
Scientific Queen Rearing – Gilbert M Doolittle
Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding – Harry Hyde Laidlaw and Robert E Page
Contemporary Queen Rearing – a Dadant publication

Lewis said he would be happy to do a demo next year on how to determine the age of eggs and how to pull a cell.

Prepping for Winter ReCap
Inge Kautzmann did a recap of some of the topics covered from an OCBA meeting on Prepping for Winter given by Bee Inspector Adolphus Leonard.

Honey Tasting
Inge Kautzmann brought in 4 different kinds of honey from Spain for the group to taste.


Thanks again to Cecil White for keeping us fed by bringing the refreshments. Cecil also brought in a honey bee figure for a raffle. Tickets were passed out that the beginning of the meeting and the winner was drawn at the close of the meeting.

Calvin Hester reported that there was $925 in the account.

The next meeting (at the same place YEAH!) will be held on Thursday,  September 15th at 7pm. The guest speaker will be Dr. Juliana Rangel of NCSU. She will be talking about the role of honey bee health on the ecosystem.

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