April 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association Minutes: April 19,2018; 7:00pm County Office Auditorium

PRESIDENT REPORT Robert Brauer *Welcome to the Bee School returnees now that Bee School is over. *April 21 Designing Garden Workshop has been cancelled. May try to coordinate with the library to plan again.

VP REPORT James Latimer *May: Will Hicks (State Inspector), June:Chris Apple- How Bees Talk in the Hive *July: Our scheduled PCBA meeting is the same week as the NCBA Summer Conference; Do we want to change our meeting date? We decided to have the meeting as scheduled for July.

FINANCIAL REPORT Amanda Blanks *Submitted April 19,2018 Beginning balance: $8,664.75 Income Total: $187.00 Expenses: $110.00 Bank Balance: $8,791.75 *Looking for a volunteer for the library display window in August(National Honeybee Day), ** There are around 50-80 books available in the library about honeybees and pollinators. If you know of other books you would like to read that are not in the library let the club know. *Did you know the library has a Seed Library? You can get up to 5 packets of seeds. * Renewal process continues for 2018 State $15.00 and County $5.00 MOTION *Motion made to participate in Personality this year; $65.00 for a booth: 1st-Whitney Barnes 2nd-Carol Carter,Club approved.

SECRETARY REPORT Mary Ann Rich *March Meeting Minutes: 1st-Carol Carter 2nd-Jamie Latimer, Minutes Approved by Club * Please see Mary Ann Rich if you would like to bring refreshments to a future meeting. This helps with our GAP score. 20-30 members attend each meeting

FUNDRAISING Mac Blanks *New Gold Club t-shirts will be available next month in all sizes.

COMMUNITY SERVICES Whitney Barnes * We are looking for a chairperson for the NC State Fair Booth. * 4/20- Woodland Elementary School: looking for volunteer to speak to students about honeybees; 9am-3pm 4/21- Library Day 1pm-3pm ** 7/30- 4H Family Fun Day ** 8/18- National Honeybee Day *Our current 4H leader Frank Haywood will be moving to Oak Island for work. 4H club launch will be in August. *4H Hive update: one hive made it through the winter and is strong. Contact Whitney Barnes if you would like to volunteer or sell honey at an event.

GUEST SPEAKER: David Fruchtenicht (Durham Beekeeping Association): Swarm Catching

REFRESHMENTS: Judy and Chris Bradley: cookies, sliced cake, soda and water

DOOR PRIZES: 3 door prizes where raffled off tonight, Lynn Wilson, Whitney Barnes and Reid Conyer

ATTENDANCE *13 PCBA Members attending the meeting, 4 guest * Submitted by:Mary Ann Rich, May 17,2018

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