April 2017

Person County Beekeepers Association
Minutes April 20,2017; 7:07pm
County Office Auditorium

President Report:
Robert Brauer
Earth Day 10am-Noon at Famers Market, and Library 1pm-3pm
You can register on line now for the State Summer Meeting. There is a cut off for early registration.
Quiz Bowl? Are you interested?
State is asking each club to purchase 10 cooking with honey cookbooks;$20.00 each. Whitney Barnes made motion to purchase 10 cookbooks and donate one cookbook to library; Mac Blank second motion, Motion passed.
Field Watch: Bee Check: Drift Watch: encouraging everyone to register your hives. www.ncagr.gov/pollinators
Agriculture Review April 2017 Vol.92 #4 states that NC is 2nd with most apiaries in USA.
VP report:
James Latimer
*Looking at colleges and universities for speakers. If you have ideas for guest speakers or interests you need more information on please contact Jamie.
Financial report
Amanda Blanks
April 20,2017 Beginning balance: $7,085.68
Income Total: $330.01
Expenses: $852.24
Bank Balance: $6,563.45
*Register for Personality( August 25-26,2017) $65.00. Whitney Barnes made motion to pay registration, James Latimer second, Motion passed.
* If you would like to sell honey at Personality please contact Whitney Barnes 2 weeks before Aug.25,2017.
*Please see Amanda for your NCSBA cards if you have paid your dues and not received yours yet.
Secretary report
Mary Ann Rich
*Motion: Mac Blank, Second: Larry Barnes,March Minutes Approved
Fundraising report
Mac Blanks
*Pick up shirts and hats from Mac or Amanda Blank @ meetings.
They have extra club hats and t-shirts for sell.
Honey Raffle is coming up . Please donate, we need 12 lbs of honey.

Old Business
Community outreach
Lynn Wilson
*Veterans Garden: 16 members came out to help clean up weeds and freshen up mulch. A herbicide was applied to ares now watching for effects. Stones and another picnic table will be added soon.
May 20 9:00-12pm please come out and help freshen up the garden before Memorial Day celebrations the following weekend.
State Fair Booth
Kim Buchanan
*Think about joining the committee. We need all of your talents.
*Lynn will help replace old display materials with 2016 booth materials.

* Guest Speaker: Lewis Cauble; Spring Hive Management 7:38pm
* 22 PCBA Members attending the meeting; and 4 guest

*Minutes summited by Mary Ann Rich May 10,2017

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