April 2012 Minutes


Status of Monthly Meetings When Bee School’s in Session
PCBA Officers had a discussion about maintaining the regular monthly meeting while Bee School is scheduled. The decision has been made to conduct PCBA business prior to Bee School class on those weeks the monthly meeting is scheduled. This change will hopefully maintain consistency of the PCBA monthly meetings.

Ideas for Fundraisers – A Committee was formed to bring ideas for possible fundraisers to the PCBA. Mac B, Mary, Michele W. expressed interest. Mac B. will Chair the committee. Other PCBA members will be made aware of this committee through the ListServe and should contact Mac at 336-599-2325.

Events and PR Opportunities
April 28 – Family-A-Fair – Mary and Kathryn have agreed to Volunteer with supplies and observation hive provided by Todd. Other Volunteers needed.

May 5 – Person County Farmer’s Market Opening – Mary and Todd will coordinate with the help of Tom to set up a display booth/table. Mary to get more information about the event and what the club can and cannot do at the Farmer’s Market (ie. selling hive products).

June 22 – Personality – PCBA will further discuss participation at the May meeting.  Mary will get more information. Educational Booth will be free, selling products booth is $35.00.  PCBA will probably do both in one booth with those selling hive products dividing the cost of the booth.

September – Ag Field Day – Mary to talk to Tim Gentry to get more information. Probably do a display like being done for the Farmer’s Market. Date has not been determined.

October – NC State Fair – Need to be developing new ideas for the NC State Fair display. Will further discuss next month. Volunteers needed to develop plan and be present at the fair.

Volunteers needed for the NCBA booth. This too will be discussed at future meetings. Day pass for the State Fair is included.

Inge will place volunteer opportunities on the PCBA ListServe.

Member Feedback
Contact Mary or any PCBA officer if you have other ideas or recommendations to improve PCBA.


Bee Yard Updates
Todd shared pictures of collecting a honeybee hive established in the old Helena Elementary School.

-Need wax for Fall workshop. Save, freeze, and bring any wax to Todd
-Lewis brought screen for Sugar Shakes for anyone who wanted a piece.  Thank you, Lewis.

Guest Speaker – Dick Rogers, Entomologist
Dick Rogers, Entomologist, Bayer Crop Science,  Announced the opening of 2 Bee Care Centers in the world. One located in Clayton, NC, due to open later 2012 or early 2013.

Discussed Bee Health and work to improve products for Varroa mites as well as other bee health products. Discussed location considerations for apiaries.

Bee Health information available at these websites:



For information on honeybee flowers seed packages, contact the Xerces Society.

Calvin Hester has stepped down as Treasure with the full duites being taken over by Donna Steen. She reported that there was currently $1684.94 in the account. Income from Beekeeping School, PCBA dues, T-Shirt Fundraiser, and a donation raised the balance to the account $883.52. Expenses included Bee School supplies, and T-Shirt purchase totaling $616.48.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday,  May 17th at 7pm.  Todd Walker and Lewis Cauble will be discussing the basics of queen rearing.

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