June 2018 Minutes

Person County Beekeepers Association

Minutes June 21, 2018; 7:00 pm
County Office Auditorium

Bob Brauer

Honey Extraction Workshop: The workshop will take place on 7/7. Carol Carter and Bob Brauer are planning to bring supers for extraction. The community apiary may have some as well if the bees finish capping them. The event will begin at 11:30 AM with a potluck lunch with extraction afterwards. It should wrap up by 3 PM.

New business cards were ordered as we had gotten low on our supply.
The NCSBA made a request for donations to the NC State Bee Lab. Carol Carter made a motion to give the Bee Lab a $500 donation. Amanda Blanks seconded the motion. The motion was passed by the club.

Whitney Barnes

* Minutes will be taken by Whitney Barnes as Mary Ann Rich was absent due to a meeting conflict.

Amanda Blanks
* Current balance is $8,536.75
* Deposits $57.00
* Expenses $816.74 (hats & Tshirts, Bee Jubilee booth, & Personality booth)
* Petty Cash $250
* Final balance $8,027.01
* The PO box rental is coming due in July
Jamie Lattimer

July Meeting: Bob Brauer will discuss equipment construction
August Meeting: Public Outreach Meeting – Film

Mac Blanks

* Hats & Tshirts: Sold one dozen tshirts in a month. Mac has resupplied the hats and tshirt stock.

Stan Morton

*Veterans Garden: Stan Morton reported on changes to the garden. He met with Rick Vining and Wendell Cox from Veterans Services regarding balance in the garden. The south side needs more to match the north side. Considering adding a retaining wall. The veterans would buy the stone and are asking the PCBA to install the wall. The replanting that is needed will wait until the fall to avoid excessive watering.
*Ongoing Support: There was a lot of discussion regarding ongoing of the Veterans Pollinator Garden. The PCBA would like to see a committee established with members coming from all the stakeholder groups. This committee would identify the needs and issues of the garden, who would be responsible for what, and potential new partners. The PCBA is not opposed to continuing to support the garden both financially and with members, but there was concerned that we were being asked to do more for the garden and at the expense of other bee specific items. Amanda Blanks made a motion to give the garden an additional $500 for maintenance. Larry Barnes seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Community Service
Whitney Barnes
*Bee Jubilee (6/23): The Granville County Bee Jubilee will be this Saturday. Please come out and support our neighbor county. Anyone who wants to volunteer or has honey or bee things to sell is welcome to come out.
*4-H Summer Fun Day (7/30): Looking for volunteers for this event.
*Personality (8/25): Looking for volunteers to staff the booth. We will have a morning and afternoon shift. Please let us know if you have honey or bee products for sale.
*National Honey Bee Day(8/18): Looking for volunteers to staff the table at the Person Farmers Market
*Library Display (August): Reid Conyer will be setting up our display in August.
*State Fair Booth: Reid Conyer has volunteered to head this committee. Please consider joining this fun committee which will begin meeting later this summer.


Honey Raffle
* Whitney Barnes made a motion that we hold a honey raffle again this year. Larry Barnes seconded the motion. The motion was approved.
* The raffle will be awarded in November as in previous years.
* Whitney Barnes will get the template from Todd and make the tickets
Guest Speaker: Chris Apple; Honey Bee Communication 7:30pm

21 PCBA Members attending the meeting; and 1 guests

Minutes summited by Whitney Barnes

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