Honey Extraction Workshop

The club recently held a honey extraction workshop. About 25 people attended, some were experienced beekeepers, some were newBees and we also had a few folks from the community. Vice President, Todd Walker kicked things off with a brief overview of the process starting with a little bit of history followed by the various techniques used to uncap honey and the different types of extractors we use today.

Everyone got a chance to try their hand with each uncapping technique. We even tried a heat gun to see if it would melt off the cappings without having to cut or scrap the wax. The test was unsuccessful so we stuck with the capping scratcher and hot and cold knife methods.

There were two 9 frame radial extractors available offering plenty of opportunity to give the honey a spin. Overall we extracted about 150 pounds of honey. But sweeter than that was being in fellowship with other beekeepers learning together and sharing stories.

The event was combined with a potluck and like the company, the food was amazing. Boy-oh-boy can beekeepers cook!  There were ribs and chicken, tabouli salad, potato salad, kale salad, fresh veggies and fruit and the baked goods were out of this world. We took to the buffet like bees robbing honey.

A special thanks goes out to our gracious hosts for the event, club members Tom and Linda Savage of Allied Organic Farms. The day couldn’t have been better, the location was perfect and everyone had a great time.

Here are some photos from the event.

Randall demonstrates his capping scratcher technique

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