Guest Speaker David Langham Gives Wax Demo

Our guest speaker, David Langham demonstrated for the group how to make various types of wax products, candles, ornaments, lights, etc. The equipment and gear he brought illustrated the process from beginning to end.

He started by discussing the three main opportunities for collecting wax; comb from die outs, cappings and burr comb. He then showed us how his homemade wax melter worked and explained the difference between his solar wax melter and the water method. When submitting wax products for competition such as the state fair he stressed that the wax should be filtered several times to remove impurities.

David also explained how the size wick you use will vary depending on the size mold you choose. David brought a bear/skep candle mold that he had made earlier in the day and showed us how to remove it from the molding.  He also poured wax into molds during the meeting and made angel ornaments that cooled in time for us to see the finished product. The last wax demo he did was showing us how to create a wax bowl buy using a water balloon filled with cold water that he dipped several times into the melted wax. He added some pressed flowers collected from Alaska for a beautiful effect. The demo was great. David’s enthusiastic approach was inspiring and left many with the desire to start collecting burr comb immediately!

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