Person County Takes 1st Place at State Fair

Way to go PCBA on bringing home the Blue Ribbon from the 2011 North Carolina State Fair! The booth theme was “Plant to Plate, How Honey Bees Impact What We Eat”.

Honey bees are responsible overall for the pollination of 33% of the food we eat representing billions of dollars in annual revenue. With crops like apples, cantaloupes, cucumbers, blueberries and almonds relying 90% on honey bee pollination the loss of the honey bee would result in an almost complete elimination of these crops.

We also wanted to illustrate how various agricultural products are pollinated by honey bees. We did this by creating a map of few pollination trucking routes. It is not uncommon for bees from our state to be trucked to California to pollinate the almond fields.

Commercial Pollination Routes

Our plant to plate theme didn’t just revolve around food, without honey bees the flowers and candles we enjoy as part of our table settings would be greatly affected as well. We showed these impacts by photographing breakfast and dinner meals with and without the benefit of honey bee pollination. The results are staggering as illustrated below.

Breakfast With Honey Bees ©Michael Todd Walker

Breakfast Without Bees ©Michael Todd Walker

Dinner With Bees ©Michael Todd Walker

Dinner Without Bees ©Michael Todd Walker

In addition to the club’s first place win for the booth here are a few individual club member results.

3rd Place Amber Honey Entry – Todd Walker
3rd Place Honey Plants Poster – Geneva Green
5th Place Bee Product Gift Basket – Geneva Green
5th Place Cosmetics Hand Cream – Geneva Green

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