Honey Fundraiser Success

Person County Beekeepers sure do make pretty honey!

For three months club members have been selling raffle tickets for one lucky winner to receive 12 jars of honey from 6 different beekeepers in Person County. This is the first time the club has done a fundraiser like this and it was a huge success. The tickets were just a dollar and considered a great deal when most single one pound jars of local honey sell for $8 to $10.

The color and taste of honey is greatly influenced by the type of nectar the bees are able to forage from. This year the color range and taste varied widely even though all the honey was harvested in Person County. While most honey in our area is considered wildflower, one of the beekeepers harvested his honey from hives that were located on a blueberry farm. This honey as a result may have some blueberry influence in how it tastes. It is also a blue ribbon winner from the 2013 NC State Fair! Another club member harvested his honey from hives on a certified organic farm and the darkest honey comes from a beekeeper near the Virginia border where the honey was greatly influenced by tulip poplar trees. This honey will have a rich taste that some compare to molasses.

At the club’s November meeting the winning ticket was drawn from more than 800 entries. The winner (shown below) quickly came to pick up his honey. Looks like someone’s holiday shopping is already done!

The club will use the money raised from this effort to continue to enrich the beekeeping experience for its members. Thank you to everyone who sold and bought tickets, and a special thanks to those beekeepers who donated their honey for the cause.

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