Outreach Report

Beekeeper Education and Community Outreach Report

Information about public service credits earned in the NC State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper program may also provide information for feature stories about our local chapter. Your timely report provides the information you need to summarize on the State’s Journeyman and Master Beekeeper forms, AND helps document chapter outreach efforts (for NCSBA’s GAP Award, for instance). If you create an exhibit, publish an article or make a presentation about beekeeping or related topics to schools, 4-H, garden clubs or other beekeeping groups ... or serve as a mentor for another beekeeper, whether youth or adult for at least one season, please complete this form, scan it and return by e-mail with a digital photo if available, to the PCBA secretary. Maintain a copy for your Journeyman/Master Beekeeper record. If you are leading a group effort, only one form needs to be submitted to the Secretary but please provide a copy to each participant.
  • Include travel time
  • (note their hours of participation in parenthesis after their names if different from the reporting beekeeper’s hours)

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